“Hoot” MV Girls Generation featuring Choi Si Won

From their Third Mini Album “Hoot” (released on October 27), Girls Generation release MV for single “Hoot”, first track from their new album.
In accordance with the concept of teaser images, the MV is not very different. These girls appear in the 70s costumes. They just look cute and sexy.
In addition to these girls’ provocative dancing (and I finally understood the purpose of bow and arrow in their teasers), this MV also presents Choi Si Won. Si Won played the character as a secret agent…just like James Bond and I think he’s pretty suitable with that kind of character. ;)

I love this song, the music sounds light and fun to listen to. And this is worth with their teasers parade which are quite stormy. These girls disappoint me not at all…good job gals!!! B)


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