2 Days 1 Night Season 2 Episode 4: Hilarious Moments

2 Days 1 Night today’s episode (March 25) was crazily hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing out loud especially during the voice over. The king of ballad, Sung Shi Kyung, was really bullied by other brothers. But before that, there’s a scene in the tent where some of them called female celebrities and ask them two questions: “if you’re joining 2 Days 1 Night and have to do a game/go on a trip, with whom of the 7 members, you would want to go/play with?” and the second question was the member they don’t want to be partner with.

Lee Su Geun called Sistar’s Bora and Miss A Suzy. Suzy chose Cha Tae Hyeon to be their partner, while Kim Jong Min as the one she didn’t want to be a partner with. Bora also chose Cha Tae Hyeon to be her partner. Then Cha Tae Hyeon called Park Bo Yong, his “daughter” in movie “Speedy Scandal”. Park Bo Yong chose Kim Jong Min to be her partner, while Uhm Tae Woong as the one she wouldn’t want to be partner with. Kim Seung Woo called Kim Soo Yeon. The actress chose to be partner with Joo Won and not be partner with Sung Shi Kyung. And the last was Uhm Tae Woong, called his own noona, Uhm Jeong Hwa. Surprisingly, Uhm Jeong Hwa chose Joo Won to be her partner, while her own little brother not to be partner with in 2 Days 1 Night. The conclusion for this was, Cha Tae Hyeon was pretty popular among teenage female idols while Joo Won was favorite among elder female actresses. :)

Before the dinner game, they had the voice over game. The purpose was to choose whose “2 Days 1 Night” greeting was the best. So far, it was only Sung Shi Kyung who still held his expression doing the voice over. And I think this game was actually Su Geun’s idea to push Shi Kyung to strip down his cool image. Sung Shi Kyung was really bullied in this game.

Sung Shi Kyung tried his best by doing the voice over with rolling forward on the ground…and it failed. It was also too weird and hilarious that Cha Tae Hyeon couldn’t hold his laughter. Cha Tae Hyeon hid his head in the tent to laugh, this action was followed by the other members. Then Su Geun persuaded Shi Kyung to try again and promised not to laugh. Sung Shi Kyung tried again, and succeeded. But it was still to weird and funny for a calm guy like Sung Shi Kyung to do such a thing that Cha Tae Hyeon and the rest hid their heads again in the tent, laughing. The last was when Su Geun asked Shi Kyung to do Su Geun’s voice over. The voice over looked good and properly funny for Su Geun and Cha Tae Hyeon, but it was again too weird and funny for Shi Kyung that the members laugh again. Sung Shi Kyung was really bullied, and even hide himself near the water, but he turned out to be the winner of the voice over game.

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