Joo Won Who Stands In The Middle for 2D1N Season 2 ?

Apparently, it’s Joo Won who stands in the middle for KBS “2 Days 1 Night” Season 2. Yesterday, March 2, the official released an image that shows it. During Season 1, it was Kang Ho Dong’s place. He’s the center of the show and took the responsibility to  do the opening and closing of the show. So now with 7 members, it’s kind of easy to make someone stands in the center, and apparently, they chose their maknae -youngest member, Joo Won, to stand in that place (between Cha Tae Hyeon and Uhm Tae Woong). But still don’t know yet whether he’ll be responsible for opening and closing as well or not. Seung Gi used to take over that job and sometimes Lee Su Geun. And in this new formation, I think Joo Won’s speaking ability is as good as Seung Gi, so it’ll be actually no wonder if he’s the one who’s in charge for that from now on.

Aah, cannot wait for tomorrow, March 4, when they’ll be airing the first episode of 2 Days 1 Night Season 2 on KBS 2TV 5.10 pm.


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