A Real Copy or Just Looked a Like?

Sometimes I am fooled by the appearance of several Korean celebrities who share the same face. They don’t have any blood relationship, but yet look so much a like as if they’re twins! And that’s what makes me wonder …
Sometimes I joke to Rizz saying that their plastic surgeons are probably the same, so it’s natural when an artist leaves a trace of his/her unique stroke on their works. And it’s a public thing that plastic surgery is a very common practice in South Korea and the other north east countries. Lots of common people go to plastic surgeon to “re-construct” their physical appearance and celebrities are on the top lists. However, there are a some of them which I think look a like in nature. So let’s see these photos and I would be delighted if you join to give comments. :)

[thanks Greeny for helping me out in this article :) ]

Sung Yoo Ri – Park Jin Hee

Since the shape of their faces, cheeks, and lips are almost same, sometimes  I thought I saw Sung Yoo Ri  played in “The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry ”

Kim Tae Hee – Park Ji Yeon (T-Ara)

The never-ending-young-face Kim Tae Hee already got a rival from T-ara’s maknae, Park Ji Yeon. I think their both eyes are identical.

Kim Min Jung – Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls)

They should be sisters, their faces very unique in a very same way.

Jung Il Woo – Yoon Shi Yoon

Ough…they both are so cute..make me spechless. :D

Nam Goong Min – Jung Yong Hwa

No need more debate for these :rolleyes:

Yoo In Yeong – Gyuri (KARA)

Their nose is almost identical, and they both blooming on right age.

Junho (2PM) – Rain

Omo…do they have any blood relationship???Seriously they’re really similiar. Junho is a real copy of Rain.

Kwon Sang Woo – Jinon (F.Cuz)

Hahaha..their eyes are so cute, especially when they smile.Jinon often say that many people confused him with the actor and they often asked him to sign an authograph as Kwon Sang Woo..  :D

So Ji Seob – Yoo Seung Ho

Hmmm…So Ji Seob….Yoo Seung Ho….or So Ji Seob? Absolutely no problem, for me they both look amazing :oops:

So Ji Sub - Yoo Seung Ho

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4 Responses to A Real Copy or Just Looked a Like?

  1. omg :D . really look a like ! at least they alr found 1 of 7 same face in world , LOL

  2. the recent lookalike with choi jiwoo is more …. interesting.

    of coz i prefer her acting (the girl in heartstrings). choi jiwoo until now, facial expression is ALWAYS the same.

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  4. Whattta coincidence before I became a fan of Jung Il Woo I enjoyed watching Yoon Shi-Yoon’s TV series, and now I just realize they resemble each other.
    Now I think Ireally like the beauty they have. I idolize them separately but I guess they’re cute face are somewhat connected with that resemblance.
    Sooooo cute!

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