Alongside Kang Dong Won for Doomsday

Hai guys, welcome to our new house, fuuuh…actually the moving things was so exhausted, thanks Rizz for your hard work! ;)

And i hope  you all like our new house’s apparance, little bit serious indeed with that color, it’s maybe because we are getting old? Absolutely not! as i always said to Rizz, “We are always-twenty years old-girls”. this time we just want to be a little bit mature… :lol:

So, to cheer up our serious home, for beginning i want to talk about this jokes. Due to rumor about doomsday that will happen in the end of 2012, a couple days ago the survey was conducted by one of music sites, about who’s celebrity male do you want to be with when doomsday arrives? hah…actually this was a really silly question, but the result that made me wondered, Kang Dong Won in the first place! Why they choose him for the end of the world-day??? he is not around us, he is still in the middle on military duty now. Maybe his charm and charisma-that never be fade-which made them choose him. Oh i don’t want to wait until doomsday, already miss him now, just yesterday i count his remaining days on military, and it’s still looooooooooong…

From 271 persons, 78 voted Kang Dong Won as the actor the last want to see before the biggest disaster came. On second place there’s Won Bin who’s voted by 61 persons, then Hyun Bin on third place, Shin Ha Kyun on fourth place, and Jo In Sung and So Ji Sub on fifth and sixth. Actually this is not a disappointing results at all. they are the charismatic actors. For me, beside wanting to spend my last day with my beloved persons, i don’t mind to see Kang Dong Won’s deep eyes on that day. :mrgreen:
Just for fun guys, how about your list???

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