Won Bin Replacing Hyun Bin for K2

Since Hyun Bin “disappear” for a while from Korean entertainment industry for doing his duties as a good citizen on military, frankly i feel a bit slack here, less of amusement.

I think the most influential for his absence is some products are used to using him as their model, they lose a weapon to promote their products.

But right decision has been taken by K2, an outdoor clothing brand, that used to hire Hyun Bin as a model for their products. On July 14, the K2 official announced that Won Bin has been selected to replace Hyun Bin as K2 ambassador with an exclusive contract for a year.

This is absolutely the right decision, I support a thousand percent, no doubt for him. Won Bin image, especially after he played on “The Man From Nowhere” or “Ajeossi” (아저씨), which are tough, manly, charismatic, brave, and heroic, very suit with outdoor and sport wear products from K2.

For his first task, Won Bin will be appearing with winter products edition. The TV ads shooting will begin at mid-August, and planned will be begin to running on September.

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  1. Me too, Won Bin is more manly and charismatic than Hyun Bin

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