Another Leading Man on “City Hunter”

Beside Lee Min Ho, “City Hunter” has also another male role, Lee Jun Hyuk. He took a rest after “City Hall” and come back with “City Hunter”, maybe he feels comfortable with ‘City’ . Actually he appeared on “Secret Garden” as Oska’s enemy, but only a brief appearance.

Now, even just as a second guy, I think his part will be bigger than before. He played as Kim Yeong Joo, a genius special agent, hero with monkey suit. His duty is to protect the president. He’s the partner of Kim Na Na (Park Min Yeong). And they (Lee Min Ho-Park Min Yeong-Lee Jun Hyuk’s roles) will be involved on love triangle..oh-so-cliché.

For this role he had to lose his weight for about 7kg. More than 4 hours pa day he practiced with a professional trainer and did the carbohydrates diet to make his body sharper and sexier. Of course he didn’t want to be outshone too much by Lee Min Ho, and for sure we wouldn’t mind seeing two handsome and sexy actors on this drama that will be airing on May 25th on SBS.

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