Lee Min Ho With The Guns

Wooohooo….our pretty boy become a bad boy…I love it!
Actually during his stay in Thailand, besides riding an elephant Lee Min Ho also had a shooting practice. In photos released on May 11, Lee Min Ho looked quite good holding a gun. Ooh…he looks so hot, I think I’m gonna die even he hit me without a bullet.

This shooting class needed for his role as a private detective on “City Hunter”. I wanna say thanks a bunch for “City Hunter” because it makes Lee Min Ho looked sexier and more mature…and makes me fall for him deeper… :mrgreen:

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2 Responses to Lee Min Ho With The Guns

  1. salma ,, i'm a GIRL ^^

    OMG !!!! I’m a huge fan of lEe min ho !
    I dream of him every day ! I love him !
    People in saudi arabia love him !
    Please lee min ho come visit us we’ll be more
    Than happy to have you there !
    I love you min ho and I realy wish to meet you !

    Your faithful fan ,
    Salma !

  2. i really like u. u look very cool and handsome in city hunter. i really want to hug u and sarangye

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