“Arang and Magistrate” Brings Special Episode Before Officially Released

The Olympic hasn’t ended, but there’s a good news for the fans from MBC’s most anticipated drama, “Arang and Magistrate.” They will be airing this week. On scheduled the drama will start running next week, August 15th, but before officially released, MBC will broadcast the special episode “To Enjoy Arang and Magistrate 100 Times More” on August 8th.

Beside the introduction of the casts, this special episode will show everything about behind the scene of this drama, the effect and technique on filming. This episode will bring the fans more close to the drama. The casts: Shin Min Ah, Lee Jun Ki, and Yoo Seung Ho, before running this drama managed to gain attention and eagerness from their fans, every one can’t wait to see this drama longer…

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