Yoo Seung Ho Joins Shin Min Ah on New Sageuk

After Lee Jun Ki approved his role on “Arang and The Magistrate”  (아랑사또전) alongside with Shin Min Ah, another name added, Yoo Seung Ho. He’s positive to join this horor-fantasy  sageuk, and this young actor will take the role as The Great Jade Emperor. His character will be the important key for Arang (Shin Min  Ah) to get revenge. I have no idea why they put this teenager as the charismatic and powerful figure??? :?

Arang is known as the Korean legend ghost, she asks some help from magistrate, Eun Oh (Lee Jun Ki) to reveal the mystery behind her death. This drama will bring us goosebumps and once again see Shin Min Ah as the astral creature.

“Arang and The Magistrate” has to begin production on mid of May since it’s planned to be broadcast on July. this drama will be the first drama project for Lee Jun Ki after being discharged (on February) from military.

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  1. They chose him because he is really good at acting as kings and powerful figures. Even as a kid actor in his earlier roles as kings he received a lot of recognition for his performences like in queen seon duk and legend.

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