Bae Soo Bin-The Cutie Puppy

Do you still remember with these photos? and now Bae Soo Bin doing the same thing, this time with Lee Yo Won…hohoho…Bae Soo Bin looks so cute, his expression looks like a puppy when he’s leaning on  Lee Yo Won and when he’s teasing her. Actually he’s just a mischievous kid… :D

That’s why I can’t hate his role in “49 Days”. I even admit his acting as the heartless-Kang Min Ho as pretty amazing. I think his image as warm and friendly guy has embeded in his blood, so that playing as a villain doesn’t really fade his lovely charm. Whatever evil job he did on the screen, I have no hurt feeling with you Soo Bin-ssi.

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  1. سلام عزیزم حالت چطوره خیلی کاراتودوست دارم وفیلم هاتو میبینم اقای بائه سوبین ادرس ایمیل تون رو بیزحمت برام میفرستید متشکرم از فرسنگها راه دور دوست دارم و همیشه خواهم داشت

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