Jung Il Woo Went to Picnic with His Noona

Yay!..this is my first article after we have a new skin, I hope you enjoy with our shocking-pink-therapy. :D
From “49 Days” picnic scene on episode 10, I found a photo of the two leading actors, Lee Yo Won and Jung Il Woo who were enjoying their picnic.
At this scene, Jung Il Woo wasn’t the infuriating- Scheduler but the adorable Song Yi Soo, Yi Kyung’s lover (oops.. sorry its a spoiler :p ). Ow .. ow … ow … turns out they were a sweet couple, despite the fact that they are pretty much of different age, Lee Yo Won already 32 years old about last week, and Jung Il Woo is just as young as nearly 24 years old.
Frankly I’m jealous with Lee Yo Won-onnie, a pretty mom who still suitably be paired with an-always-teenager-look-guy, Jung Il Woo.

[info and image source]

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