“Baker King, Kim Tak Gu” Closing Party

With such a great a success of hitting 50.8% on its last episode, I think they’re on the right moment to throw a grand closing party. Almost all the stars were  present and I could see they became more like a family rather than  just colleagues. Gaining such a very high rating is just every director’s wish everytime they starts a drama production. Even the writer felt so grateful for his work which at first he had a doubt at. And I bet the whole team is proud of the excellent work of  the young actresses and actors, especially Yoon Shi Yoon ;)

“I will always carry on Kim Tak Gu and his spirits within me, but from now on, what’s left is only me, Yoon Shi Yoon,” this cute guy said in an interview on that event.

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  1. I liked the series muchisisisisisimoooooooo charm me most of all tak kyun Series gu and was very nice my very cute its all liked each character as they acted role earned her good and bad kiss and hugs to all involved ..

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