Baker King, Kim Tak Gu Episode 28 Summary

First of all, I’d like to say sorry for misspelling Cheongsan factory with Cheongnam all these time. Hehe, I didn’t realize it. :p

With three more episodes to go…this episode is a must seen ever! I call it the revelation episode. The evils show their horns, the wounded angels took off their masks and the victims took a real action to fight for justice.

Tak Gu ran after his mother. For him, loosing his mom once again was a big NO. So, it’s a matter of save the mother or die… Jin Gu took Kim Mi Sun into bushes area where a tractor block their way. Jin Gu let Kim Mi Sun fled. Tak Gu, acted like a puppy that lost its mother, kept screaming “Mother…mother…” while running after his mom. The big guys was after him.

Unfortunately, the big guys caught Kim Mi Sun first. When Tak Gu finally got closer to the mobs, he surely got beaten…but then he said. “You either beat me to death or let me get my mother. We’ve been separated for 14 years without knowing anything about each other. Whether she’s dead or alive, I kept searching. If you are a son, you’ll understand how I feel. So beat me to death or let me go to my mother.”

For most people, it might sound cheesy that the big bad guys finally decided to let Tak Gu get to his mom…We could even see some of the men drop tears. But I guess that’s very acceptable in Korea. Korean people take family matter very seriously. and they have a sensitive feeling under their rough behavior…so, Korean viewers could buy the idea, but some foreign viewers might wrinkled their forehead and said, “What?? Are you kidding me? Their mobs, they’re not suppose to have a soft heart!”

Well, the reunion was quite romantic…but thankfully they didn’t over do it.

And look who’s finally got redemption for the soul…Jin Gu hyeongnim.

It’s scored 0-1, nil for Madame Seo. She couldn’t stop the wedding, but no way of attending it. So all she could do was just wait for everyone to come home and made a pity of herself.

And for our newly wed……..Ma jun was a real JERK! X|  He asked Yu Gyeong about the hesitation she made before the vow and he could sense that “Tak Gu” had to be the reason. I was surprised when Ma jun decided to tell her everything, the secret behind the bracelet matter, to his wife.

So then he left Yu Gyeong alone on their first night as husband and wife. He spent the night with other women!!! Rrrggghhh. I hate that it’s leading this way. I almost believed that Ma jun really loved Yu Gyeong. But this guy was a real loser!

Tak Gu brought his mother to the Yang House and of course the whole family accepted them cheerfully and warmly, especially Yang Mi sun. But for me, as might also be for Yang Mi sun, the most touching scene was when Mi sun called the mother and son for lunch, she found them sleeping with their hands holding to each other.

Moving the scene to the Gu Mansion………OMO! Wasn’t that Gu Il Jung??? So, he had woken up all these times? :o

Yes it was Dir. Gu. He’d woken up, but his condition wasn’t yet good. After making a phone call, on his way back to his bed, he fell. Thankfully Ja Kyung was the one who found him.

Then that Gu Il Jung’s eldest child, who I thought had smelled something fishy recently, asked for an explanation from  her sick father. I thought she could be a big help for Tak Gu if she’d known the truth.

The next morning, Madame Seo went to the newly wed hotel. She summoned both of them, but Yu Gyeong woke up all by herself. And just in the right moment when they’re sitting in the restaurant, Ma jun passed by holding another woman. I couldn’t say what I’d feel if I were Yu Gyeong. I mean…on the first night??! He really needed a big slap on the face.

Anyway, the reason why Madame Seo came was to summoned the newly wed to live in the Gu Mansion. For a wealthy Korean family, living separately was not a likely option.

With his mother back in his hands again, Tak Gu’s fighting spirit was surely up. He confronted Mr. Han at the office, but of course the living devil denied it.

Meanwhile, the condition in Cheongsan factory was awful. It’s getting dirtier. Tak Gu was having a hard time. And he got the big sister scolded him about the lousy work. But then Tak Gu asked her for a help to guide and show him how the right way to be a good leader was.

Then it’s time for Yu Gyeong to confront Ma jun….oh, I loved this one. Yu Gyeong, the sweet and innocent-look wounded girl had turn out to be…a really dangerous woman. She’s giving a really hard “slap” on Ma jun’s face with her confession.

She told him the real reason why she chose Ma jun out of Tak Gu to be her husband. She said seeing Ma jun was like seeing her own reflection. They both were wounded people and only both of them who could understand each other’s pain. So she took the challenge and everything she need to pay for her revenge. She said “let’s continue it all till the very end. I don’t know who’s gonna get hurt the most, but just let’s go with it.”

And when Yu Gyeong said that actually she had had a dream that she might have a happy marriage life with Ma jun, the man was obviously didn’t see that coming:

While Yu Gyeong-Ma jun’s marriage life was a mess from the beginning, Tak Gu was in his happy moments showered by the love of two MiSuns. However, I got more confused about Tak Gu’s feeling to Yang Mi Sun… :?

The family dinner for Gu family that night was a nightmare for Madame Seo. Yu Gyeong lifted up the incident on that rainy night 14 years ago when the Dir. Gu’s mother passed  away. Madame Seo was panic like crazy.

She summoned Mr. Han to talk about this matter. And Mr. Han was planning to do something evil with Yu Gyeong. But just the right moment when he turned his body ready to go upstair to confront Yu Gyeong, he made this terrifying look:

And surprisingly, Madame Seo also looked so shocked:

Voilla! They both saw this:

Gu Il Jung then approached the two vicious couple and got furious. Could you imagine finding out your wife and your right-hand man were the ones whom all these times stabbing you from the back and killed your innocent mother?! Gu Il Jung really on the right place to be furious and cursing.

But what the three didn’t know was…….Ma jun was just out side the room, witnessing it all. Poor him. :?

Two more episodes to ending, so I think the drama won’t get any less interesting. In fact, it’s gonna be more and more interesting. I guess lots of shocking revelations and confessions will come ahead of us all on the next two episode…I really expect a wonderful ending. ;)

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  1. i’m watching this in malaysia, which is 2-episode later than what you are watching. so i love getting a sneak preview of what’s coming up when i read your previews…it let me off the cliff-hanger sooner.
    TQ :D

  2. yati, me to…ahahaha..

  3. i just want the rest of people get serve what’s their right!! especialy tak gu..he’s a poor tears keep flowing for his scene..i cant hold my tears back..huhu..

  4. It was amazing. I love this drama. I love Takgu :X

  5. eh? so gu ma jun, is gu il jung his father? or not. i’m confused :S

    • Well actually i’d been thinking about that until the very end of this drama…it seems that the writer wants us to conclude it ourselves. from my side, I think no, gu ma jun is not gu il jung’s biological son and they both knew it.

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