Baker King, Kim Tak Gu Episode 30 Summary (Final)

Yeahh, we’re here at last…the final episode of Kim Tak Gu story. When it was aired on KBS2, the rating flew up to 50 something percent! Crazy :o  Then the question would be why people love this drama so much? The great casts must be one of the reasons. They played so wonderful, from the young stars to the seniors…they really did a good job. Next thing must be the story line. At first I wasn’t really interested in this drama because I thought It’d be just like any other cliche story line: power, ambition, love quadrangle, revenge…sort of. Well, yes this drama contain those cliche things, but the director and the writer are such creative people. I think they succeeded to bring something different-but-easy-to-comprehend conflict. The psychological aspect is developed very well and it helps people buy the story. And for me personally, it has a good quality cinematography.

Okay enough on the brief review and let’s just get into it…

Mr. Han made the driver turned back to the office where Secretary Nam had brought Tak Gu there. At first I was as confused as Tak Gu’s expression wondering what the heck did this man intend to do by having Tak Gu awaited him on the roof top? Then we knew that he wished not to die alone…he wanted to bring Tak Gu along.

There’re some fights, but wooops Mr. Han managed to push Tak Gu to edge of the roof…

Jin Gu, who was suspicious seeing Mr. Han was back to the office, came for a rescue. Was it too late?? Tak Gu wasn’t there anymore…he’s been pushed down…but, No! There’s a grunting voice from the edge of the roof. Jin Gu found Tak Gu was hanging one-handed on the edge…”Take my hand, Tak Gu, please trust me!” Jin Gu screamed desperately.

And Tak Gu was saved…thankfully.

The police was coming and it was actually Ma jun who made the report. When the three escorted down from the roof top, Ma jun met them at the lobby. Then surprisingly, Ma jun just passed through the handcuffed Mr. Han to greeted Tak Gu “Are you okay?”. Tak Gu: “Yes, i’m okay.”. Ma jun: “That’s good.” And he said nothing to Mr. Han.

While the scheme happened, at the Gu Mansion, Madame Seo got no mercy from her husband. And her daughter-in-law didn’t make anything better at all.

A very touching moment happened when Ma Jun visited Mr. Han in the prison… He said all these times, he’s been waiting for Mr. Han to change and start doing something good that it’d make Ma jun respect him at end. But unfortunately Mr. Han just never did it.

Madame Seo’s life turned to be a mess and Yu Gyeong just worsen everything. Ma jun witnessed the fight, but Yu gyeong fled somewhere out of his reach within the house. Tak Gu who felt there’s something wrong went upstair and decided to help Madame Seo. He gave her a back-ride.

Senior Gap soo over-heard the conversation between the two Mi suns. He found out that Ms. Yang had fallen for Tak Gu then spread the news to the whole Pal Bong bakery family. I love this scene because it even made the cool Jin Gu smiled a lot. ;)

And just in the right moment, Tak Gu arrived and it surprised everyone hilariously.

Then the idea of setting up the two young people started…I love this scene, they both looked cute.

Mi Sun misunderstood something from the talk, so she decided to go outside. Tak Gu then sat together with her…and talked about his feeling! Omo!! Aigoo…Tak Gu confessed to her that he’s heart then settled. After all these times he’d been having two women in his heart (let’s put aside his mom in this case), then he was finally able to set only one girl. He proposed Yang Mi Sun. :left: :)

On the other side of the city…Yu Gyeong was struggling so hard with her wounded heart. Thankfully her husband came as a real man. Ma jun was no more a jerk. He confessed that his feeling was sincere. He really loved her.

The day of the second board meeting finally came. For the very first time, Tak Gu and Ma jun worked together to set their noonim up as GeoSeong’s chairlady. Tak Gu who never intended to be the chairman of this company tried to convince the board that her sister was more than capable of running the company. Ma jun also had the same opinion. His excuse was he wanted to do travelling while thinking about what he really wanted to do in life.

Oh Goodness…this scene is so lovely!

Eventually, peace touched their father at his sacred sanctuary……

Before parting at the GeoSeong Lobby, Ma jun said to Tak Gu casually, “Actually, I’m not your brother.” You know what, this dialogue pretty much reminded me to one scene in Hollywood hottest serial “Prison Break” (season 4) between Lincold Burrow and his brother Michael Scofield. That time Linc said the same thing to Michael. And surprisingly, Tak Gu’s way of response was also quite similar. He said, “I’ll always be your brother,no matter what.” Tak Gu then added, “As long as the Chairman is around, we’ll always be brothers.”

And everyone started their own new life…

Yu Gyeong and Ma jun started over as husband and wife

Jin Gu smiled a lot for sure and he introduced his sister to Pal Bong bakery family

Ja Gyeong as the GeoSeong Food chairlady

Tak Gu and Mi Sun seemed to work well

Madame Seo ran a lonely life

Pal Bong Bakery finally reopen…and look who’s joining? They had a new member: the ex-loyal-secretary of GeoSeong Food! :D

As for the closing…the beautiful smile of our hero…Baker King, Kim Tak Gu

Well, this is it.

For my personal ending…this is a good drama with good quality of acting from the great casts. I think people learn so much from Tak Gu’s positive personality, Ma jun troubled character and Mr. Pal Bong great wisdom. This drama will surely last very long in everyone’s heart and mind.

Thanks everyone for following. I’ll see you again soon on the next summary… ;)

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  1. Oh I like to watching this drama in everyday for ever. I’ll miss Takgu & this drama so much :(( . Thank you for your summaries. It would be nice if you decide to choose Sungkyunkwon Scandal as your next summary. Thank you so much.

  2. Oh I like to watching this drama everyday for ever. I’ll miss Takgu & this drama so much :(( . Thank you for your summaries. It would be nice if you decide to choose Sungkyunkwon Scandal as your next summary. Thank you so much.

  3. I think the ending was good too. But then I have this feeling that Misun and Tak Gu shouldn’t have ended to each other. I am feeling so lost as of this moment (just finished the series) and I have this crazy feeling that Tak Gu should have still ended with Yu Kyung :( Mi Sun and Tak Gu really looked like brother and sister (no chemistry for me) lolz anyway, I guess I should move on now lolz

  4. well.. in my country this drama is just going to the episode 16.. :D i cant wait to see this episode :D

  5. Thank you so much for the episode guides. Here in the Philippines, Baker King is still on its 6th episode. I just wanted to read the summary because I couldn’t wait any longer. Thanks a lot!!!

  6. Hey guys, thanks for reading. Many people asked me to write Tak Gu’s summary from episode 1. Well, like i said before, I didn’t really like this drama until episode 17 though I watched it from the beginning. You know, there’re just too many classics and cliches and the conflict wasn’t really “up” yet.

    And glad that I found this drama started to air on tv outside its home country. Yoon Shi Yoon and Joo Won will probably be the next great Hallyu Stars? Please give your support and many love for this drama…

  7. thanks for your summaries.. the story was great and it makes me realize a lot of things.. however, what disappoint me is that Tak Gu and Yu Gyeong should have ended together.. Tak Gu already liked her since they were just kids and they both love each other. Ma jun and Yu Gyeong ended together because of their plans not because of love… it just make me sad, but the concept of the story was great.. i just don’t like the love thing in this drama… :)

  8. i really love this movie.. takgu always be in my mind and heart.

  9. this is one of the best korean dramas that i have ever seen. i wish the story run a bit longer. hahaha but anyways, the really admire tak gu’s positive character. worth emulating and every one must be like that. tak gu will also always be in my heart!

  10. hi! i really appreciate your work. i don’t have much time to watch tv because of my studies but your summaries is really helpful for me to finish the series. i will surely read your works more. thank you sincerely.

  11. ronnie mecenario

    Baker King is one of the most korean novela series that touches the hearts of the viewers… Tak Gu was one of the best actors who portrayed a role of being the son of the president in the other woman. He suffered so much pain in his heart and stand by his own soecially when he was departed from his mom for 14 years. Her step mother together with n manager han did all efforts to eliminate Tak Gu to avoid inhiritance fron his father the president.. but all efforts being made by the perpetrator has never been successful.. Tak Gu continue in his strugle in life despite of obstacles on his way… but Tak Gu was successfully able to survive.

  12. i love you tak goo!!! you’re the best.. hope you can visit the Philippines…
    Ilove you much!!!!!!

  13. the movie is very interesting and I will really miss Kim Tak Goo!!!!! I love the way he act and I got many lessons from it.and I think that Yu kYung and tak goo are the partner but I’m mistaken


  14. It’s amazing!!!! I hope there is still part 2..

  15. I loved it!specially the ending!it was real,i mean the ending wasn’t predictable or childish!Also I loved that Takgu and Misun ended up together!

  16. sakora blossom

    i just adore that drama especially when the actors are my favourite and so does my friend she cried in all episodes.she actually dried out of her tears.but fighting to all actors especially ma jun and little cute tak gu.

  17. I hate it . . Why yu Gyeong end up with Gu Ma jun . . It should be Kim tak Gu and Yu Gyeong . . I hate it until the end . .

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  19. I love dis drama so much

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