Baker King, Kim Tak Gu Episode 27 Summary

Mother came first before Yu Gyeong for Tak Gu, while Ma jun was just the exact opposite way. I guess that’s what this episode all about. And we’re having a wedding here… ;)

When Tak Gu arrived at the hospital, it was too late. Hyungnim Jin Gu had taken her away. Tak Gu searched for his mom around the hospital, but came up with no good result. The doctor then told Tak Gu a brief story about his mother’s life for the last 14 years.

Meanwhile at the wedding dress fitting…Yu Gyeong confronted Mr. Shin and then emotionally said that the man wasn’t his father. The way Yu gyeong reacted to this issue was quite shocking for everyone. And when she went back to the fitting roo, she couldn’t get a hold on herself then passed out.

Mr. Shin’s life was probably a bit better then years ago, but this troubled man was just troubled in any way. He was a public enemy among other employees since he often borrowed money and never paid them back. He would’ve been almost beaten to death if only Tak Gu hadn’t been there. Tak Gu then talked some senses with this old man. Tak Gu said he’s not helping him because he liked him. It’s all because of the fact that he was Yu Gyeong’s father and the only family Yu Gyeong had. He also asked him to let Yu Gyeong happy and acted like the real father for her for once in his life.

Ma jun stayed with Yu Gyeong the whole night. He didn’t say the commonly positive consoling words. He said that a father like the one she had should be thrown away. He said that from then on, they should throw away everything that had given them misery. He asked her to marry him in a more sincere proposal….and Yu Gyeong approved it. The two were gonna have a simple private wedding just by the weekend.

However, for me it’s still hard to read Yu Gyeong’s real feeling for Ma jun. I daoubted that she had fallen for him. If there might be a feeling, i think it’s more of a sympathy and empathy…not love.

On the other side of the city under the same night sky…Yang Mi Sun suddenly found Tak Gu was sleeping in his room. Mi sun asked why he’s there. Tak Gu said he’s just so tired and needed some rest.

On this side of love conflict, I really feel sorry for Mi Sun that she hadn’t gotten any proper reply from Tak Gu. I think the problem was Tak Gu didn’t realize that Mi sun loved him not as a big brother like he always thought…So I guess someone need to slap him on the face and spit it out on behalf of Mi Sun  :p

However, seeing from Tak Gu’s point of view…it’s accepted that he didn’t have any time to think about romance. He’s so busy with the board’s challenge, asking update from dr. Yoon about his mother whereabout…and dealing with the evil inside man, Mr. Han.

I love the way Tak Gu confronted Mr. Han about the fishy business of Chongnam factory issue. This time Tak Gu faced him with a head up and a higher tone of voice. Tak Gu said that his position was higher than Mr. Han and he knew exactly what he could do with such a very high level. So Mr. Han was kicked out by both the father and the son.

After an all night contemplation, Mr. Shin decided to talk to Ma jun to say that he’s not Yu Gyeong’s real father. He said they should live happily. And he also returned Mr. Han’s money thorugh Ma jun. Ha ha, gotcha Mr. Han! Yu Gyeong who overheard and saw everything approached Mr. Shin on the wat out. She asked why. Mr. Shin said it’s because of what Tak Gu had said to him.

Yu Gyeong finally told Tak Gu about her up coming wedding by the weekend. Eventhough Tak Gu looked shock, he still wished her a happy life. Yu Gyeong thanked her for everything…

And unlike with Ma jun, with Tak Gu, Yu Gyeong often be the first to give a hug. I was more confident that the only man Yu Gyeong had in her heart was always Tak Gu.

The wedding day! Yu Gyeong came first to the church with her simple wedding dress. From the look on her eyes…I could see doubt. She was thinking about something…probably about the regret she’s gonna have in the near future.But the wedding proceed.

When the reverend asked Ma jun about accepting Yu Gyeong as his wife, Ma jun said “yes I do” without a sigh of hesitation. But when it came to Yu Gyeong’s turn….it took a very deep thinking and waiting until she finally answered “Yes I do.”

Not many people attend the wedding. The sisters, Mr. Han and the two secretary fellas. Tak Gu was actully about to go there too, but he suddenly got a report about his mother whereabout.

Mr. Han forced Kim Mi Sun to sell her Geo Song’s shares to him. Kim Mi Sun ripped off the papers. The angry Mr. Han then commanded his men to dismissed her. Jin Gu took the job. And just the moment Jin Gu took her out of the house, Tak Gu arrived and saw her mom was taken away. Jin Gu just drove her away and Tak Gu ran himself after them…screaming: “Mother! Mother! Mother!”

Will the two get a success for a reunion? Yes they will. I don’t think the story would turn into such a crap as letting the mother and son separated for good without any single chance to embrace one another again. But will it be on the next episode? Let’s just see… ;)

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  1. Episode 28-29-30 please :(

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