BIG Episode 4 Summary

Gyeong Joon leaned towards Da Ran, hoping that she would shy and pulled herself back. But she didn’t. So Gyeong Joon gave up and drew himself back, protested why Da Ran didn’t push him away. “Ajumma, why don’t you push me away? Inside here is an 18 years old boy!” He freaked out.

Da Ran told Gyeong Joon that their relationship had reached kissing, BUT…it happened once and it was while Da Ran was (faking) a sleep, so she couldn’t see it. She and Yoon Jae was in the car parked somewhere. Yoon Jae thought Da Ran was sleeping. He kissed her on the lips quickly.

Listening to the story, Gyeong Joon said that’s not a real kiss. That’s just one sided kiss and not any different with kissing the back of his hand or his thumb. Da Ran said the feeling was a bit the same but still different…Suddenly Gyeong Joon kissed her quickly. “(Is the feeling) like this?” What he meant was the kissing she experienced with Yoon Jae was not a passionate love bird kiss, so it’s just the same as a peck. But Da Ran was in shock and upset, warned him not to ever do that again.

Choong Shik told Ma Ri that Da Ran was his sister and Yoon Jae was Da Ran’s fiancee. Ma Ri had a personal problem with “Yoon Jae” after that conversation at school.

Da Ran came to visit Gyeong Joon later that night, feeling sorry that they fought after the “peck”. She brought him some papers to study so that Gyeong Joon wouldn’t left far behind at school. Gyeong Joon said he had no problem with studying because actually in US he’s doing excellent in his education. The only reason why he left for Korea was the memory of his mom.

Gyeong Joon pretended to be clueless about the homework and ended up having Da Ran trying hard to do the homework instead of him. He’s a naughty boy and Da Ran was an innocent teacher…disaster. He was enjoying watching Da Ran thought hard doing the homework when the curious Ma Ri text Gyeong Joon asking how’s he. Gyeong Joon made a quick reply saying just “fine” which for Ma Ri it meant he hushed her to leave. Then Ma Ri sent him the picture of her and the coma Gyeong Joon together.

Gyeong Joon immediately came to hospital and Da Ran came along. He asked Da Ran to stay by his side and leave everything to him. The mission was to make Ma Ri left Gyeong Joon soon. “Why do you lied, Ajeossi?” accused Da Ran. “I wasn’t. That buddy is doing fine right? See?” said Gyeong Joo. Then he said Gyeong Joon couldn’t leave the hospital or leave back to US because the person he liked was here. Ma Ri asked who she was. Gyeong Joon said she’s Da Ran. “Not that woman!” protested Ma Ri. “She’s not pretty nor have a charisma.” Gyeong Joon tried to convinced her saying that he knew this and that’s why he knew so much about Gyeong Joon and kind of have a “connection” in their mind because of Da Ran. “But why he likes that ajumma?” Ma Ri still couldn’t take it. “Because after he kept seeing her, he thought she was pretty.” Ma Ri gave up and looked sad beside Gyeong Joon’s body. Gyeong Joon’s idea worked. “Now it’s game over,” he said while walking out of the room with Da Ran.

The curious Ma Ri didn’t want to give up that easily. She ran to catch up Da Ran and Gyeong Joon. “Ajumma, but you don’t like Gyeong Joon do you?” she demanded. The innocent Da Ran said, “Of course not. He’s my student and I have a fiancee. I will never ever ever have such a feelings towards Gyeong Joon.” “Never ever ever?” Ma Ri asked for an assurance. Da Ran confirmed it. “Okay then, I think we can be sisters.”

Then Ma Ri confronted Gyeong Joon. She thought that man was fishy. “Why are you wearing Gyeong Joon’s shirt?” she asked. “It’s my shirt,” said Gyeong Joon. “I know it’s obviously Gyeong Joon’s favorite shirt,” Ma Ri insisted. “Why are you copying Gyeong Joon’s style? Stop it.” Gyeong Joon said, “I don’t. He was the one copying my style.” These two people ended up arguing in amusingly teenagers’ way.

Getting back to Yoon Jae’s office, Gyeong Joon saw Yoon Jae’s graduation pictures with his parents then he asked about them to Da Ran. She said his parents lived abroad. Gyeong Joon decided to make a call to Yoon Jae’s mother. Strangely, Yoon Jae’s mother asked him about “that day.” It seemed that they had a plan or a meeting “that day” which discussed a very serious and important matter. Gyeong Joon just played along, but after he hung up, both Gyeong Joon and Da Ran tried to figure out what Yoon Jae’s mom meant about that day.

Then Gyeong Joon asked for Yoon Jae’s phone to check on his schedule. Da Ran didn’t want to give him the security code at first, but she gave up after that. “It’s 0624,” said Da Ran. “Is Yoon Jae’s birthday June 24?” asked Gyeong Joon. “Because it’s my birthday too.” Da Ran said no. Then Gyeong Joon found out there’s a meeting appointment on that day, June 24.

Later that night, Da Ran decided to check on Yoon Jae’s inbox message and found messages from Se Yeong. Her text saying that from then on Yoon Jae was free to come to her place at any time.
Meanwhile in her room Se Yeong found the other key that Gyeong Joon accidentally dropped when he left Se Yeong’s room in a rush that morning.

Gyeong Joon’s uncle and aunt came to Gyeong Joon’s house, so Gyeong Joon had to sneak out. He came to Da Ran’s school with the car Da Ran gave him the information according to the message in Yoon Jae’s phone. Da Ran protested that Gyeong Joon wasn’t supposed to drive, but during their argument, Da Ran’s senior lady came to her car. She talked a bit harsh to Da Ran that it made Gyeong Joon acted so nice to her and even said some words in Russian because he noticed that woman was carrying a particular book.

Da Ran and Gyeong Joon checked on Yoon Jae’s savings account and found his money was still there. Da Ran said that the money was to buy their house together after getting married. Gyeong Joon said he probably needed to start living in Yoon Jae’s place because the uncle and aunty came down his place often. They also picked up some stuffs and appliances Da Ran and Yoon Jae had planned to buy after their married and Da Ran prevent Gyeong Joon to try on them because Da Ran wanted the moment to be special. “Even though you’re in Yoon Jae’s body, you’re still not Yoon Jae and it felt not right if i let you use them first.” Gyeong Joon felt offended. He left and went back to his house.

When Gyeong Joo went back to his house, he saw his uncle and aunty were throwing away his favorit bed and books. Da Ran was waiting for him in the property office while Gyeong Joon was trying to drag his bed back inside the house, in the house. Da Ran was upset and came down to check Gyeong Joon. When she arrived, she instantly protested Gyeong Joon. He just told her to go because he wasn’t in the mood. Noticing that Gyeong Joon was soaked and his bed was out of his room, Da Ran figured out something wrong. Finding out Gyeong Joon had a fever, Da Ran decided to lend Yoon Jae’s couple pajamas and the bed cover for Gyeong joon. She even unwrapped the kitchen utensil and cook porridge for him.

Before going back home, Da Ran stopped by the hospital to visit Gyeong Joon’s body. She asked Yoon Jae to come back. Da Ran remembered how Yoon Jae confessed at the first time how he liked her. It was when Da Ran was hospitalized after the church accident. Then she remembered how kind Yoon Jae was after they became a couple, even though he was super busy with his patients. Da Ran put on the couple socks to Gyeong Joon’s body while another pair was taken home by her.

The next day, Gyeong Joon withdrew all Yeon Joo’s money to buy his own house. Da Ran was frustrated and locked him outside.
But Gyeong joon apologized to Da Ran at the end. So he thought it was the best way to keep him having a shelter. Da Ran didn’t want Gyeong Joon to live in Yoon Jae’s place while the aunty and uncle were kicking him out. Da Ran didn’t forgive him that easily that night. She just worried becase Gyeong Joon must take his medicine because he’s still sick.

Da Ran finally furnished the house with furniture. Gyeong Joon was so excited that the house had so many comfy sofas and big screen TV. Meanwhile in Da Ran’s house, Ma Ri came down there. She asked Choong Shik to show her Da Ran’s room. It’s her way to know her rival more.

Seeing Yoon Jae’s picture on the wall, Ma Ri said, “I don’t like this ajeossi!” She shrugged it off the wall. “He’s copying Gyeong Joon too much.” Choong Shik defended, “They’re absolutely different. Yoon Jae is very kind.”

Da Ran told Gyeong joon to buy some fruits because her family was going to come to give them a help. Gyeong Joon took the car key secretly and when he was about to go, Yoon Jae’s mobile rang. Se Yeong called.

He met Se Yeong to listen to her. She asked him about the key that she had given him. She was upset that Yoon Jae treated her like this. She said she know he’s marrying Gil Da Ran, but he’s supposed to treat her nicely. She said Yoon Jae could still use the key or just threw it away and that means they’re over.

When Gyeong Joon came, Da Ran requested for the car key. Gyeong Joon dropped both the car key and Se Yeong’s apartment key. Da Ran asked who’s house key was that. Gyeong joon didn’t have the heart to tell her the truth about Yoon Jae’s secret relationship with Se Yeong. He said it’s a broken key and he immediately threw it away with the other trash.

On his way home with the family, Da Ran’s mother said that Yoon Jae could come to their place anytime to have a meal or something. Then Da Ran recalled Se Yeong’s text. She figured out that something fishy about Yoon Jae was welcome to her place any time and she related it to the key Gyeong Joon had thrown away with the trash.

Apparently, Gil Da Ran wasn’t that stupid. She got off the car and ran back. Choong Shik called Gyeong Joon asking if Da Ran went back to his place. Gyeong Joon said no and he was looking for her outside his house. He noticed the trashes and figured out where Da Ran went. Gyeong Joon ran himself to Se Yeong’s place.

In front of Se Yeong’s place, Da Ran was already teary and shaken. She hesitated to use the key at first, but then embraced her self and use the key to the door…it was really the key to Se Yeong’s place. Se Yeong was responding from inside the house and the door was moving open. Gyeong Joon came out of his breath and prevent the door from opening. Couldn’t say anything, he just hugged Da Ran tight.

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I like this episode especially the scenes where Gong Yoo arguing with Suzy. They’re cute and very comical. I think I have to praise Suzy for her advance acting in this drama. And thankfully, the writers weren’t that cruel. They didn’t make Da Ran’s character as a full dumb.

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