BIG Episode 5 Quick Summary

Gyeong Joon didn’t let Da Ran to get into Se Yeong’s place even though Da Ran was crying and struggling to get in. He threw the key and then lifted up Da Ran, brought her out of the apartment. It took a while for Da Ran to get a little hold of herself again.

Da Ran and Gyeong Joon went to the hospital. Da Ran tried to calm herself down in Yoon Jae’s office, while Gyeong Joon visited his body. He met Ma Ri there and as always, they started to argue..because of small things. This time because of a small pillow that had Ma Ri’s face printed on it. Gyeong Joon told her to move it away from his body. Gyeong Joon saw the socks Da Ran put on before. He prevented Ma Ri from taking it off.

Da Ran was looking for her picture with Yoon Jae, but she found the Miracle book and found the plane ticket to LA.

Gyeong Joon was trying to send Ma Ri out of the ward, but as soon as he got a text from Da Ran that she’s going first, Gyeong Joon ran to look for her.
Da Ran was in her family restaurant, alone, drunk and still crying. Gyeong Joon accompanied her sleeping on the floor and just went back home in the morning.

Ma Ri called Gyeong Joon to ask for Gyeong Joon’s wallet. She sneaked in by fooling him saying Gyeong Joon was awake. The news made Gyeong Joon rushed out and at that moment Ma Ri hurriedly went into the house. Ma Ri was fearless, but suddenly Gyeong Joon called a name, “Aimee!” Ma Ri refrained,”How could you know Aimee?” “Gyeong Joon told me. His first kiss.” “So that’s not a lie,” said Ma Ri disappointed. Gyeong Joon refused to give Ma Ri his wallet, but she attacked him “down there”, so she could take it away with her and then fled.

Se Yeong called Da Ran to meet her. She kind of tried to tell Da Ran that the wedding and marriage is a mistake and Yoon Jae didn’t really want to do it.

Se Yeong made a call to Yoon Jae’s mother telling her about Yoon Jae’s accident and  current situation. Yoon Jae’s mother decided to go to Korea soon.

Gyeong Joon helped Da Ran to do the pre-wed photograph. He was mesmerized by Da Ran for a moment, seeing her in the wedding dress, but was very hard to smile during the photo session that Da Ran had to guide him all the times.

Since MA Ri used Choong Shik as her spy, Choong shik was sending her pictures live from the pre-wed photoshoot. Then she realized that the Doctor had so many personal candid poses that belong to Gyeong Joon.

Da Ran said she’s not gonna married Yoon Jae. She did the pre-wed photoshoot because she couldn’t marry Yoon Jae so the pictures were enough. She apologized, said thanks to Gyeong Joon and gave him a plane ticket. They’re doing their last photoshoot when Gyeong Joon spontaneously kissed Da Ran very passsionately, saying that the kiss was Kang Gyeong Joon’s first kiss.

Choong Shik found the plane ticket and heard when Gyeong Joon and Da Ran were talking about him leaving. Choong Shik instantly attacked Gyeong Joon.

When Choong Shik got home, his parents were having some guests. He couldn’t tell them the truth right away until Da Ran came. She finally told her parents about her wedding cancelation with Yoon Jae. She said it’s her heart that’s changed. Her parents were very shock. And her mother went out of her mind, taking the mop to spank Da Ran. The house turned a mess.
Then Gyeong Joon made a very wrong decision to come by the Gil’s house because he’s worrying Da Ran. He was about to escape, but the whole family saw him already since he protected Da Ran from her mother’s “slipper-attack”. After interrogating Gyeong Joon and Da Ran, the parents finally accepted their decision on wedding cancelation. Gyeong Joon and Da Ran apologized several times to the parents.

Yoon Jae’s Mom came and summoned Gyeong Joon to come. Da Ran came along. Knowing that the wedding was canceled, Yoon Jae’s mother told Gyeong Joon to go back to US with her. Gyeong Joon and Da Ran discussed about this. Gyeong Joon couldn’t leave his body behind and Da Ran didn’t want him to leave either. They had “to get married” as an option, but it was very unlikely.

Early in the morning, Gyeong Joon moved his body from the ward. He’s taking his body away…to the place where the accident happened. Ma Ri found out about it first and called Da Ran. Everyone worried about Gyeong Joon, but thankfully Gyeong Joon brought his body back to the hospital.

Gyeong Joon talked to Yoon Jae’s mom. She insisted him on going back to US with her. After meeting Yoon Jae’s mother, Gyeong Joon decided it with Da Ran. “Don’t go,” tell Da Ran. “Let’s just get married, so you will have a reason to stay here.” But Gyeong Joon refused. “I’m still an 18 years old boy!” He said inside he’s still a young man. He couldn’t be a real husband to Da Ran neither be a real doctor. Then he got an idea. “What if i’ll catch up the years gap. The skip.”  He said inside there he got a smart brain and he himself is a brainy already, so he just needed time to upgrade his brain. “After I’m upgraded, let’s get married for real,” he said. This time, it was Da Ran who said he was crazy. The idea of her marrying an 18 years old boy was a crazy idea. Gyeong Joon was upset about the rejection, so he just said goodbye to Da Ran.

He decided to leave for US. He gave  his uncle some suggestion of how he should treated his nephew. He also met Ma Ri to tell her to live well. He shuffled Ma Ri’s hair the way Gyeong Joon always did, but then just left.

1 year later.
Da Ran was in a hurry to someone’s wedding. This time she was invited. Da Ran was going to take the elevator when she noticed the man standing next to her. “Gyeong Joon-a? Kang Gyeong Joon.” But the man next to her didn’t respond her. “Yoon Jae-ssi?” This time, the man turned to her.

Ahh seeing the preview, I don’t like where the story will be going. So Gyeong Joon decided to Yoon Jae, I guess one of the reasons is to help Da Ran. And then Yoon Jae’s mother’s preference on Se Yeong…ahh why do they still have this Kdrama typical conflict?? I really hope this amusing drama won’t turn serious, really.

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  1. Yikes! What DR see is YJ — she may like KJ personality (soul) in YJ’s body, but she’s seeing YJ.

    It’s not like when they kiss, images of KJ pops up in her mind.

    So let their souls switch back, DR can date KJ for all she wants. Otherwise, this is F–up!

  2. NewKDramaAddict

    Totally not understanding. It might take ep 6 to clarify everything.

  3. its getting more and more tricky in here. I’ll just play the ost sung by b2st.

  4. i’m looking for the song that was used on ep 5 the part when the 2 other teacher were whispering while the head teacher catch them. i just need the name of the singer or the song name plzzz.

  5. what is the song title when da ran was drunk and crying in her family restaurant,then gyeong joon accompanied her sleeping on the floor..

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