BIG Episode 8 Quick Summary

Big Episode 8 is about Da Ran and Gyeong Joon making up their mind about their marriage plan. As Gyeong Joon put the ring into Da Ran’s finger, he promised not to ever fall in love with Da Ran. “Are you okay marrying me?” asked Da Ran. Gyeong Joon kind of say that there’s no other way. Da Ran said no matter what, she’s going to be by his side and help him.

Choong Shik told Ma Ri about Da Ran and Yoon Jae’s marriage plan. Ma Ri came in rush to Gyeong Joon’s house to speak out her objection on Gyeong Joon-Da Ran marriage plan. Gyeong Joon said she had nothing to do with it. Ma Ri was upset and threatened to tell Da Ran’s parents about the truth. She went running to Gil restaurant, followed by Gyeong Joon and then followed by Da Ran. They already in front of Gil parents, but they saw Da Ran’s ring and  was more interested in it than Ma Ri, so Gyeong Joon managed to bring away Ma Ri from Gil restaurant.

In the dining room, alone with a can of beer, Da Ran was imagining how Yoon Jae would say when he’s back and found himself married to Da Ran. The version of happy Yoon Jae would praise her and showered her with love and gratitude. The version of objected Yoon Jae would instantly asked for a divorce with Se Yeong already beside him.

Da Ran’s mother approached her and asked if she’s really sure about this marriage plan again. Da Ran said she still had no idea about Yoon Jae’s real feelings to her, but her mother gave her a big support on it.

Gyeong Joon looked envy looking at other boys in his age that they’re together and giggling for their own jokes. But the reality was he’s in Yoon Jae’s body, so he’s back to his work dealing with kids as usual. He had a bite of the chocolate held by the little girl and talked to them in his style…a bit indifferent and not really caring.

Da Ran asked Se Yeong how far her affair with Yoon Jae was. Se Yeong tried to lie to Da Ran by saying that they had been far and had slept together, but Da Ran knew it was a lie. Se Yeong said she would never tell Da Ran what really happened between her and Yoon Jae.

When Da Ran came to Gyeong Joon’s place, he’s watering the grass. He was playing with the water. She looked at Gyeong Joon and felt something strange in her heart. They both ended up playing with the water. At first they took turn making  fake rain for each of them. but then they just sprayed the water to each other.

Da Ran had to dry everything in her bag and Gyeong Joon helped her. Suddenly she realized that she lost her ring. Strangely Da Ran just gave up without even made a real effort searching for it on the courtyard. And it was Gyeong Joon who protested her.

Choong Shik was seriously talking to Ma Ri about his feelings. But his mother ruined everything by bringing out Choong Shik’s old collection after she cleaned up his room. They’re all adult magazines and videos. This embarrassing moment made Choong Shik upset to his mother and decided to leave house.

Gyeong Joon went to Gil restaurant to bring Da Ran’s document that she left earlier. In the same time, the Gil family was in alert situation because the family just found out that Choong Shik ran away from home. Teacher Na came in a rush to help them looking for Choong Shik. Gyeong Joon was about to leave when Mrs. Gil went out and saw him. She dragged him inside, thought that he worried about Choong Shik too. Mr.Gil said that it’s enough for them to have Teacher Na to look for Choong Shik, but Gyeong Joon said he also wanted to take part on it. Teacher Na looked for Choong Shik by himself, very thoroughly in every inch of the way, just like a detective.

While Gyeong Joon, all he needed to do was just to call Ma Ri and ordered her what to do. Ma Ri got the information that Choong Shik might be in Jjimjilbang (public bath) around Seoul Station. But it was Gyeong Joon who found Choong Shik first.

Gyeong Joon advised Choong Shik not to take his mother for granted. He said, “Do you know Gyeong Joon? He lost his mother. So you have to do well with your mother.” Ma Ri came to the jjimjilbang alone. Gyeong Joon asked her about Da Ran.

Apparently, Da Ran looked for Choong Shik in the subway instead of in Jjimjilbang because Ma Ri told her the wrong information intentionally. Gyeong Joon was very emotional about it. Da Ran was almost had a problem with the homeless people in Seoul Station, but Gyeong Joon came right in time, “Are you crazy? being here alone.”  Then Choong Shik came and Gyeong joon just left, upset.

Ma Ri knew Gyeong Joon hate her because she lied to Da Ran. In Gil’s house, Ma Ri was crying and she told Da Ran that Gyeong Joon’s mother died partly because of her lie and Gyeong Joon blamed her for that. Ma Ri and Gyeong Joon found out that their parents were dating each other and Ma Ri wanted that not to ever happen. So Ma Ri decided to make a lie.

Da Ran came to Gyeong Joon to hear the rest of the story. Ma Ri’s lie made Gyeong Joon’s mother went out with Gyeong Joon instead fo meeting Ma Ri’s father. In a small alley, some bad guys followed Gyeong Joon and his mother and they just shot Gyeong Joon’s mother in front of Gyeong Joon.

Da Ran felt sorry, so she back hugged Gyeong Joon to sooth him.

The teachers were visiting Gil Restaurant, as well as the senior teacher. Apparently she had had a crush on Mr.Gil since a long time ago. In the same time, Gyeong Joon’s uncle also came to meet Mrs. Gil. Unfortunately she didn’t recognize him. Instead, the senior teacher who recognized Gyeong Joon’s uncle. They recognized each other as the one-sided-love parties during their youth.

Ma Ri made an apology to Gyeong Joon by bringing him an ice cream. Gyeong Joon said he didn’t blame her for his mother’s death.

Da Ran didn’t really give up on the ring. She came to Gyeong Joon’s house to search for the ring. Gyeong Joon approached her and offered a help. Da Ran said she’s okay. Gyeong Joon fanned her with his hand, and then showed her a ring. It wasn’t the same ring, but it’s gonna work the same. He knew that the person Da Ran wanted and thought of was not him, but still Gyeong joon would be the one who’d be with Da Ran in the time being.

Se Yeong was meeting Yoon Jae’s mother. She found the “Miracle” book and asked about it. Yoon Jae’s mother said that it’s the work of Yoon Jae’s father.

Gyeong Joon and Da Ran were making a deal of how they’re gonna run their lives after the marriage. They’re gonna make distance, that’s one thing for sure.

Da Ran and Gyeong Joon finally got married. For the honeymoon trip, it was only Da Ran who was going to China. But she forgot her passport and plane ticket in the car. Gyeong Joon lied to her when she called and asked him to bring them all to her soon. Gyeong Joon made her missed the flight so she wouldn’t go anywhere. Gyeong Joon offered her another trip together.

Yoon Jae’s mother was making a call to Yoon Jae’s father. So it turned out that Yoon Jae and Gyeong Joon were connected with Yoon Jae’s father. They seemed to be brothers because Yoon Jae’s father had a picture of him together with Gyeong Joon and his mother. Yoon Jae’s mother asked him about “that child” (Gyeong Joon) and Yoon Jae’s father said that “that child” lost his mother and had left US. He had no idea where Gyeong Joon was.

Gyeong Joon and Da Ran were finally going to go together. Da Ran wondered how could Gyeong Joon was ready with a big suitcase already. Gyeong Joon said it’s a preparation. Da Ran went to get something for a moment, while suddenly, Gyeong Joon felt something strange.

For a very quick moment, he went back to his body, but then back to Yoon Jae’s body when Da Ran approached him. “Kang Gyeong Joon, are you okay?” asked Da Ran. Still in shock, Gyeong Joon told her, “Just a while ago I went back to my body. Congratulation Da Ran Teacher, Seo Yoon Jae is coming back.”

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  1. NewKDramaAddict

    Great recap! Still enjoy reading them even though not watching the show!

  2. omg i cant wait to watch this! things are getting complicated..but i hope no one gets hurt in the end, especially the two erm..brothers? one is hot while the other is cute ^-^ ahh i love this drama!

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