“Bonamana” (미인아) Super Junior’s New Hit

“Bonamana” (미인아, literary means “beauty”) is the 4th album of Super Junior and the name of the 1st track in the album. It is an “SJ FUNKY” (Super Junior Funky) song, one of the styles they’ve been developing since the song “Sorry, Sorry”. I heard the song have been making a great hit in Korea and the album as well.

The song itself is a combination of a dynamic African rhythm (by having percussive instrument in the music) and the house beat. It tells a story about a man who’s trying to win a girl’s heart through witty and humorous words.

The song is groovy and the choreography is quite cool. It’s a song that will move your body shakin’. Enjoy!  :D

video source: Youtube

Super Junior official website

2 Responses to “Bonamana” (미인아) Super Junior’s New Hit

  1. kog gerakan co2 na kurang macho yh..jd kliatan gay…hihi
    tp bgs kog remix na..

  2. lagunya asik kok..^^

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