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Lee Seung Gi’s New Song “Because We’re Friends” (친구잖아)

I don’t know why I giggled the first time I listened to the song. I was wondering, “Is it some kind of Seung Gi’s true feeling? That he’s actually been one-sided love with his friend all this time that makes a high qualified boy like stay single?” I don’t know…this thought just made me giggled. […]


Sung Shi Kyung’s Single “I Like” (난 좋아)

The first time this MV was released and I saw it, I straightly loved it! I know it’s been a while since the first time it was released, but I just have the chance to put it here in the web just now. Well, it’s still hot on the music charts, so it’s okay I […]

Lee Seung Gi Released 5th Album “Tonight”

For all Lee Seung Gi’s fans, it’s a very good news that finally our beloved Seung Gi released his 5th album “Tonight.” Yesterday at Seongsu-dong, Songdong-gu, Seoul, October 26th evening Lee Seung Gi held “Lee Seung Gi’s 5 minutes music broadcast” where it’s part of his 5th album promotion. That “Lee Seung Gi’s 5 minutes […]

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Review for Brown Eyed Girls’s New Album

I know, i’m too late to post this article, but i don’t care. I write this because i put my respect for these women. I can’t call them as a girlband because they have different level with other girl bands. I like Kara, Girl’s Generation, T-ara, and others but you can’t compare those girl bands […]

CNBlue’s Official Japanese Single “In My Head” – Review

Early this month CNBlue’s official released the 30 seconds teaser MV for this single, “In My Head” and it worked out. CNBlue’s fans everywhere have been hardly waiting for the full song and here it is. The mood of the MV is dark and gloomy and even though honestly I don’t know Japanese, I think […]

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Brian Joo for Protect The Boss Soundtrack Part.8

I love the Brian Joo’s voice as I love the most amusing drama for this year “Protect The Boss”. His lovely voice sing “Can’t Go” (못가요) for soundtrack part.8 on ballad toned makes this song so nice to be listened to. And maybe this is the last part from soundtrack series of this drama, so […]

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Sad Song for Protect The Boss Soundtrack part.7

Heo Young Saeng, the member of SS501 sings “Sad Song” for Protect the Boss part.7, and yes this song is really sad. The drama is getting serious and sad as well. The miserable things of each character reveals, especially Ji Heon’s agony. But I think, adding a serious atmosphere into this drama makes it more […]

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Protect The Boss Soundtrack Part.6

This part not only released one song but three songs. The first is just the back sound for silly scenes on this drama. Every time i hear this sound, “Save My Boss”, I always recall the hilarious scenes from this romantic comedy drama. The second is from another talented singer, Hyoo Woo. She sings ballad […]

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Protect The Boss’s Soundtrack part.4

Whoa…so far this is my favorite song from the most loveable drama “Protect The Boss”. the vocal group, M.Street, sing “Ask” (묻는다) for soundtrack part.4. I think this song is simple but so beautiful, only with piano. These talented guys sing very well. For the drama, i’ve fallen in love with our-cuddling-but-annoying-boss, Cha Ji Heon […]