Review for Brown Eyed Girls’s New Album

I know, i’m too late to post this article, but i don’t care. I write this because i put my respect for these women. I can’t call them as a girlband because they have different level with other girl bands. I like Kara, Girl’s Generation, T-ara, and others but you can’t compare those girl bands with Je A, Ga In, Narsha, and Miryo.

Actually when Brown Eyes Girls released their new album, I was on duty in the middle of nowhere without any connection even just for the phone, so after coming back to modern civilization, soon i was looking for this album and was so excited to listen to their new songs.
Before released “Sixth Sense” on September 22, they unveil their single “Hot Shot” on September 15th. “Sixth Sense” is 4th from these girl after a long hiatus, the content of this album are: Sixth Sense, Vendetta, Lovemotion, La Boheme, The Ugly Truth.
I already listened and watched MV from “Hot Shot” and “Sixth Sense” and they’re still consistent on their genre music, R&B dance music. these songs very sophisticated.

so, please purchase their album

MV for “Hot Shot”

MV for Sixth Sense

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