CNBlue’s Official Japanese Single “In My Head” – Review

Early this month CNBlue’s official released the 30 seconds teaser MV for this single, “In My Head” and it worked out. CNBlue’s fans everywhere have been hardly waiting for the full song and here it is.

The mood of the MV is dark and gloomy and even though honestly I don’t know Japanese, I think at least the music suits it. AS we all know, CNBlue’s songs can be hard pop-rock sometimes and some others very sweet easy listening pop. This one is a little darker than “Intuition” and harder than their old songs like “Tattoo” or “Now or Never” or “One Time.” I was gonna say it’s for the sake of Japanese’s taste they released this song as their official single, but thankfully I can still find the CNBlue’s trace in this one. I mean, FT Island’s songs, especially their Japanese ones, are very much Japanese pop-rock style like you can find in biggest Japanese rock bands. Well, this song is recognizable quickly as CNBlue’s song if you’re coincidently bump onto it after tuning into several radio channel.  I think for CNBlue, besides Yong Hwa and Jung Hyun’s recognizable voices, if you really notice the song carefully, there’s always a particular sense of Yong Hwa’s strong guitar playing and Jung Hyun’s, which I think is their trace…their trademark, that no matter how hard or soft the song is, you’ll always find this same trace of sense (I cannot say “feeling” because it’ll cause unambiguity)  of their composition of guitar playing.

Even though frankly saying, I like “Intuition” better, both the song and MV, “In My Head” MV is mysteriously sexy. The gloomy, dark, and mysterious, and the cold expression of the four members make this MV give quite a catchy impression and stay in my head quite long after the first time watching. I hope this song will lead them into a big success in Japan.

[By Rizz]


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