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Lee Min Gi 	(이민기)


Lee Min Gi (이민기)

[iamge source] This actor had caught my attention through drama “Dalja’s Spring” when he played as Dalja’s (Chae Rim) boy friend. His acting ability there was quite good, but he had showed his impressive skill in 2009’s “Haeundae“. He played Choi Hyeong Shik’s character very well along with the good saturi speaking. On August 2009, […]


Kang Ji Hwan (강지환)

[image source] This witty actor has caught my attention through his 2007 drama, Capital Scandal. Well he is good looking, but I just love his acting. He knows how to smile sincerely and knows how to make people smile seeing him acting. He is just a man with a lot of charms. He is now […]

Jang Dong Gun (장동건)

[image source] [image source] He is one of the sexiest men alive and broke so many hearts by marrying actress Go So Yeong last May 2010. His wedding was just like a red carpet gala! Around 500 guests were invited and many of them were famous Korean celebrities. The couple is expecting a baby now. […]


Cheon Jeong Myeong (천정명)

he was then [image source] he is in 2010 [image source] This man has caught many girls’ eyes because of his boyish cute smile. Well, he does look like a boy despite the fact that he was born in 1980. Cheon Jeong Myeong is back to acting in 2010 after finishing his 2 year military […]

Kwon Sang Woo (권 상우 )

[image source] [image source] Kwon Sang Woo is a daddy now. Yeah, this melodramatic actor is now a husband and a father. Gosh, just see how the father and son really look alike! That cute chubby baby is his first son with Seon Tae Yeong. His marriage on September 2008 had made him replaced by […]

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Cinderella’s Sister: a switch from fairy tale

Played wonderfully by the Nation’s Younger Sister, Moon Geung Young, as the stepsister (Song Eun Jo) and the talented super cute actress, Seo Woo, as the cinderella (Gu Hyo Sun), this Korean drama has caught many attentions from viewers across the globe. The love triangle between the flawed Prince Charming , Hong Gi Hoon (played […]

Jo In Seong (조인성)

The first time I liked his role through “The Classic” (2002), as Sang Min, a young man who hesitated to declare his love. And the success of the drama “What Happened in Bali” (2004) can not be separated from the cries of Jo In Seong as Jung Jae Min. even his crying in the drama […]


Joo Jin Mo (주진모)

He looked cool in “Fashion 70s”(2005). He is a perfect man figure of every woman’s dream: looks fabulous and publicly agreed to be considered as handsome … In 2010, he is busy with production of The Invinsible (remake of A Better Tomorrow), together with Song Seung Heon. But his last acting can be seen through […]


Jang Hyeok (장혁)

He began to get popularity through his acting in “Windstruck” (2004) as a naive teacher who struggled to balance himself with his girlfriend who was a police woman. In 2007, after two years of running military service, he successfully retained his popularity by playing in “Thank You”. In the drama, Jang Hyuk role as Min […]