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Chun Jung Myung Is Still Considering for Second Man on “I Miss You”

A couple a days ago, there was a news that announced Chun Jung Myung already confirmed his role on MBC up-coming drama “I Miss You”. But actually, his agency gave more information, until now the actor  is still considering for the role as the second leading male, Kang Hyung Joon who will be involved on […]

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Celebrities Attended Go Soo’s Wedding

Like other celebrity’s weddings, the wedding itself becomes more like a red carpet party where many other celebrities came. I’m just going to post some of them here and I’ve picked the most interesting ones in my opinion. I don’t know if the dress code was “Black” for real, or most people just came up […]

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Man of Honor (Glory Jane) Episode 24 Summary Final

Glory Jane episode 24 is actually just a finishing touch of the whole story. Jae In resigned from Heo Yeong Do’s team to continue pursuing her dream as a nurse. Seo In Woo still hadn’t decided what he really wanted to do, but he’s going to stay in the company for awhile. This condition made […]

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The Winners List from 2011 KBS Drama Awards

Oops so sorry I just realized that Rizz only made brief articles about 2011 KBS Drama Awards. She didn’t cover the other winners. So let me make this article longer to show the other winners. The event was held at night on December 31st. Many actors and actresses came to that big event. That night […]

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Man of Honor (Glory Jane) Episode 23 Summary

Glory Jane episode 23 was the anti-climax of the story line. The war was almost over. Heo Yeong Do’s team worked together with Jae In by making a live broadcast of Jae In’s conversation with Chairman Seo. Jae In asked him nicely to resign from his position because of his sins for the company related […]

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Man of Honor (Glory Jane) Episode 22 Summary

GloryJane episode 22 is about the war of tricks and power. And it’s no more merely between Jae In and Seo Jae Myeong. There’s In Woo’s determination to find out the truth related to his childhood trauma and also In Cheol’s ambition to come out as the ultimate winner. Remember the night when In Woo […]

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Man of Honor (Glory Jane) Episode 21 Summary

Glory Jane episode 21, the real war between Yoon Jae In and Chairman Seo Jae Myeong starts now. Young Kwang couldn’t stop Jae In from announcing her plan of distributing her 50% company’s shares to all GeoDae’s employees. He just waited outside to give himself a space to breathe and think about everything. Meanwhile, the […]

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Man of Honor (Glory Jane) Episode 20 Summary

The best thing I like from Glory Jane Episode 20 is the solid cool team of Heo Yeong Do. I like the way the mysterious Cha Hong Joo and the weird Joo Dae Seong can turn out to be so cool. The old man decided to accept Young Kwang’s proposal to give his life as […]

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Man of Honor (Glory Jane) Episode 19 Summary

It’s officially an open war between Jae In and Chairman Seo. The later was so upset for having the young girl slapped his face. He challenged Jae In to show him what kind of revenge she’s talking about. He reminded her that she’s alone. Chairman Seo lost his control and almost suffocate Jae In to […]

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