Cha Seung Won’s New Drama Will Be “The Third Hospital”

Actually i’m getting love this ajeossi more and more because he never made ​​me wait too long. Every year he’s always there for me :mrgreen: , started with “City Hall”(2009), then “Athena”(2010), and recently “Greatest Love”(2011), then what a good news! for 2012 he will appear on small screen through his new drama.

On December 9th it has been confirmed that Cha Seung Won will take part on MBC medical drama, titled “The Third Hospital”. Since it’s typical medical drama, of course this drama will become serious drama, will be like “E.R” or “Surgeon Bong Dal Hae” or maybe like “Brain”. Fankly i still don’t know what exactly the story is about, because details are still kept under wraps, but certainly “The Third Hospital” will tell about lives of doctors in hospitals and their conflicts

So, after being the comical Dok Ko Jin on “The Greatest Love”, it seems for this drama Cha Seung Won has to portrayi a serious doctor. For me, if the main actor is Cha Seung Won i don’t care about the genre, as long as he’s as sexy as ever i will watch that drama. i can’t wait to see him on doctor outfit, i’m sure he will look more dashing and charming :mrgreen: . this drama planned to be airing the first episode on March 14th, 2012.

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  1. I am so excited to watch CSW in his latest/new drama, i am quite sure the same goes with all his other million fans all over the world. :)

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