“Chilling Romance” Shared Posters and Kiss Scenes

Before being released on December 1st, the romantic-horor movie “Chilling Romance” unveiled  the posters. They seem creepy, even showing the date scene the scary hand still interfering this couple. Thank God, it has a comedy story so there’s no gloomy thing on these posters. I mean no bloody things in here, creepy but silly specially for posters below, Son Ye Jin looks enjoying herself with the creepy things around her, i like her expression.

Son Ye Jin acts as Yeo Ri, she can see the spirits (ghost) after an unexpected accident. For handling her grim ability she needs help from Jo Goo (Lee Min Gi), a young magician, but eventually they both trapped in a romance.

Beside the posters, they also shared the behind the scene video from kissing scenes and  teaser..hohohoho..turn out that this horror movie is showing sooooo many kissing scenes. In the video, Son Ye Jin looks like she’s gone crazy and Lee Min Gi is so adorably comical. Maybe actually this is a romantic genre, but need horror and comedy things to make this movie more interesting and different from others. I think, soon Son Ye Jin and Lee Min Gi will become favorite winter couple due to this movie.



[by Blossom]

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