Son Ye Jin-Lee Min Gi on “Chilling Romance” Report Meeting

Finally the romantic horor movie “Chilling Romance” wrapped the production. On October 24th at Apgujeong CGV, Seoul, was held report meeting for that movie. The main roles, Son Ye Jin and Lee Min Gi attended that event.

Son Ye Jin and Lee Min Gi play as a couple on “Chilling Romance”. On That movie, Son Ye Jin plays as Yeo Ri. After the unexpected accident, she has creepy ability, se can see the spirits. And Lee Min Gi’s character, Jo Goo, is trying to help her to escape from that cursed. But, on his mission there will be romance between them.

Eventhough Son Ye Jin is 3 years older than Lee Min Gi, she still looks suit pairing with him. Son Ye Jin was born in 1982 while Lee Min Gi was in 1985, but the gap isn’t the problem. Lee Min Gi looks comfortable beside his noona. For both actors,this movie is a unique experience. This is the first time for them to play on romantic horror movie.


“Chilling Romance” has bern scheduled will be released on December. But don’t worry this movie not always showing the creepy things, the director Hwang In Ho will show the funny things from this movie.

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