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CNBLUE on Yu Hui Yeol's Sketchbook

Yu Hui Yeol’s Sketchbook episode April 22nd, I missed it. Ohh i missed so many things this past a couple of weeks because things kept coming up in my life that I barely managed to bear…anyway, I read this article and it made me laugh out. Surely i’ve been out of date in comparison to Blossom or anyone who keep their eyes on Korean showbiz industry, but I still want to write it.

It said that CNBLUE had revealed their “name history” in that show to Yu Hui Yeol (Oh I love this musician and his show too). What made me bursted in to laughter wasn’t really the abbreviation of the word “BLUE”, but the way they said it. Yu Hui Yeol told them that he’s curious of what CNBLUE stood for. The band said that the word “BLUE” is the abbreaviation of each of their characteristic.

Next moment they introduced themselves:

“Hello, I’m the “Burning” Lee Jong Hyeon.” (i was like…what??) :rolleyes:

“I’m the “Lovely” Kang Min Hyeok.” (okay, he IS always the lovely one) ;)

“I’m the “Untouchable” Lee Jung Shin.” (nooo wayyy…gaaahh) :?

“I’m the “Emotional” Jeong Yeong Hwa.” (ha!!) :left:

Okay, I need an encore, please… T_T

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