CNBLUE, Winning the Court Fight & “Intuition” MV

left to right: Lee Jung Shin, Lee Jong Hyun, Jeong Yong Hwa, Kang Min Hyeok

CNBLUE’s song is not a work of plagiarism, period. For CNBLUE’s fans, BOICE, you’ve probably already known about “I’m a Loner” song plagiarism allegation. They were sued by an indie band “Ynot”, who claimed that “I’m a Loner” was pretty much the same as their song, “Bluebird” and that the song writers of “I’m a Loner” plagiarized theirs. After a worrying wait, on April 13th, the court finally ruled that “I’m a Loner” was not a work of plagiarism.

Well, i’m not calling myself a BOICE, but i’m a very big fan of this band. I love their musics very much, so it was kind of annoying when I heard about the allegation. So this news is a big relief. I always feel that “I’m a Loner” song suits me very well in so many ways.

And this is their latest song from their first full length album, First Step, released last March 21st: “Intuition”. Here the four cool  guys are vandals, rebel characters, which I think make the whole package of the song even much more cool ;)

[image source; video source]

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