Dae Mul Episode 3 Summary

This third episode was still an introductory for the drama. Well, at least that’s what I thought. The story line was quite slow, but I think Dae Mul does need a very firm premis since it’s bringing up such a heavy story idea.

After rejected by Hye rim and waited out side her house for quite a moment, Mr. President finally had a chance to ask her an apology in personal. He also handed Hye Rim her late husband’s belonging from the war. Her husband’s last note was an apology and a request to stay alive and take care of their kid well.

In that rare moment, Hye Rim critized as well as spoke out her aspiration directly to Mr. President. She asked for the president to value every single life of Korean Republic people. Mr. President of course knew what Hye Rim said was right and he promised her to do his best.

After unloading his own burden by meeting the controversial Seo Hye Rim, Mr. president could cheer up again. That’s when he decided to stop by at the ox soup restaurant run by Ha Do Ya’s father. I like the image of the president presented here: full of wisdom, thoughtful, charismatic and humble.

Meanwhile, after having a hard day facing a demonstration at his work, Ha Do Ya ran back home. That’s when he met Mr. President directly. They ended up sitting on the same table all together.

The demonstration done by the village people always demanded the same thing: to release the corrupt Kim Tae Bong, since he had promised the people in his campaign to overcome the horrible mosquito problem by developing the hundreds of acres of an unoccupied landside and mud field.  The land actually owned by congressman Kang Tae Sang’s father in law. However, due to some problem dealing Kim Tae Bong and Minister Lee Bae Ho the land was kept unoccupied for 30 years.

The land issue caused the area to be swarmed by mosquitos that lead to high rate in people and animal death within the area. Seo Hye Rim decided to take an action since the prosecutors seemed to misunderstand the demonstration. Ha Do Ya thought they’re Kim Tae Bong’s people who told lie stories. But Seo Hye Rim stood defending them. She did it by words and action: she did the fogging to the whole village herself.

However, one night Seo Hye Rim said to Do Ya that she didn’t hate Korean Republic. She only needed a country where she can raised her only child in a healthy environment and above all: safe! She said she’s going to migrate to Australia.

I love the way Do Ya’s character always called Hye Rim “ajumma” and their relationship was getting better. Do Ya didn’t admit that he had a feeling for Hye Rim when she asked him about that.

Ha Do Ya was invited by the minister at the Heritage Club, to discuss about Kim Tae Bong’s case. There he met the other leading characters. He met Jang Se Jin and they spent it for arguing one another. then on his way to meet Mr. Minister, he saw Seo Hye Rim and Kang Tae San, in the middle of discussing something.

Kang Tae Sang had been persuading Hye Rim to run for the short term election. His party needed people’s sinpathy while Hye Rim had aspiration to fight for. However, Hye rim refused and decided to just migrate to Australia.

On the day of Hye Rim’s going to Australia, Do Ya’s getting upset. He then did everything to stop her from going. He ran to the airport to tell Hye Rim she’s under arrest because her working hours community service hadn’t finished yet: 2 more hours. Ha Do Ya just taking the hard way of saying “Please, don’t go.”

Even though I thought this drama was kind of slow, but I kept looking forward of what comes next. So I guess i’m just continue with the sory..

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  1. Camille Loyola

    hi!! i just have a request. =) i’m looking for the episode 4 of Dae Mul.. maybe you already made it. but i can’t find any trace of it. tnx.. I’m a certified of Go Hyun Jung and i thank you for your effort. thanks for those summaries, episode 1-3. =)

  2. Camille Loyola

    certified fan

    (sorry =) )

    • hey camille,
      so sorry to say that i didn’t make it to write the whole episode of Dae Mul. It’s too bad I know and I like the drama too, but hopefully as soon as we have a stronger team we can continue to wrap up our unfinished articles…I’ve been trying to finish Midas before starting on many good dramas on this May ;)
      your support means alot to us. thanks.

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