Secret Agent Miss Oh Episode 15 Summary

This whole week everyone has been wondering about what will happen to Ha Na in the next episode, right? Well…two more episodes to go. So let’s just start.

This Joo Soo Young man surprisingly showed up out of nowhere and that put Ha Na’s life at a risk. But Oh Ha Na always succeeded to find the way out whenever she was cornered, no matter how weird the way was. She held on Do Hoon’s shoulder and hid her face againts Joo Soo Young. And once again, the goddess fortuna was on her side, Joo Soo Young seemed to okay with the situation and didn’t recognize her.The NIA team was panic like crazy knowing two things: 1.Joo Soo Young was out of prison. 2.Joo Soo Young was coming to Do Hoon’s place and unliterary face to face with Ha Na. And of course, among all those who worried, Jin Hyeok was the most stressful. That’s why when the two finally met, they hugged each other tightly…longingly…caring for nothing else, including the presence of the third party all that time: Choi Eun Seo. Yeahh it’s so hot in there :-P

All these times we’ve been wondering what kind of debt Han Do Hoon had for Joo Soo Young. Viewers, along with Ha Na, have been seeing Do Hoon character and are sure he’s not such a bad guy. He was probably involved in the drug smuggling, but…he’s just not the mob. And the answer for everything was revealed in this episode, including the relation of Agent Park Sun Min to all these matters. Ha! This mysterious sonbae-nim seemed to be the bad-cop character…if only Jin Hyeok had found out about it…

The NIA team failed the operation and that just blew everything out. The NIA board pissed off and that meant the whole team was at a stake.Isong Director finally found out that the NIA had been investigating his foundation. That brought him summoned his son and accused him for having done very wrong thing. I felt really sorry for Do Hoon in this situation. Even though deep in his heart he put a little blame on his father for being so tough on him all his life, he put the blame on himself more. He had failed to be the man his father always expected him to be just too many times.

Ha Na, Jin Hyeok, and the other three agents were having dinner in a gloomy mood when someone was banging the door. It’s the drunk Do Hoon. Ha Na was about to get up from her chair when Jin Hyeok said he’s the one facing the drunk Han Do Hoon. He insisted on seeing Ha Na, but Jin Hyeok kept telling him to go home. The fight between the two did happen, but unfortunately not the kind of fight I had always expected.

Han Do Hoon was absolutely broken hearted and so much a mess…poor him :cry:

Jin Hyeok told Ha Na that she needed to resign from her job in Isong Foundation since the operation had blown up. They’d prepared the resignation letter for her. “But what about you? are you okay?” asked Ha Na to Jin Hyeok. That man was also screwed up deep inside his heart. He kept showing his cool face to everyone, but it’s good he could be honest to Ha Na. He said he might lose his job. Ha Na told him that he’s a precious asset for NIA and this wasn’t a huge mistake. All he needed to do just ask for forgiveness.

Han Do Hoon showed up in the office the next morning greeted by Ha Na as usual. I was touched when Do Hoon told Ha Na, “You’re pretty.” The look in his eyes really meant the words. Ooooh…

One by one the NIA agents were interrogated. Each of them, even Senior Agent Kim, covered up each other by saying that the blame wasn’t only on the Team Leader. All of them made the decision.

However, Jin Hyeok came to the Deputy Lee office and told him to put all the blame on his shoulder. He defended Agent Choi and asked Deputy Lee to spare her. Jin Hyeok gave up his badge and gun for the ones he care for…and as for Ha Na, he kneeled down. For the first time in his nobelty life, he beg for Ha Na’s sake. She was supposed to be the NIA insurance to put half of the blame to the police department, but Jin Hyeok asked Deputy Lee to let her free.

Han Do Hoon asked Ha Na out just as usual, but this time he made them lost in the middle of nowhere. But instead of finding scooter like Ha Na did the other day, he made them walk. Since they didn’t bring along their cellphone and wallet, Do Hoon got an idea of earning money…..

…as an apple picker! :lol:  :lol:  He dressed like ajumma and acted like oneas well! You really need to see the whole scene. I spare them for your LOL ;)

After getting enough money, they went back to Seoul by bus. For Do Hoon it was his debut. While waiting for the bus, in the middle of their conversation, Do Hoon found out that Ha Na never had any men sung for her. And you know that Han Do Hoon was the King of Crazy (instant) Idea….so, he sang for her! a really funny song, that you wouldn’t notice at the beginning that this man had actually started singing :D

Unlike other dramas where “the typical bus scene” always happen by having the girls lean their heads to the boys, this drama is always  a transverse.

Han Do Hoon really broke myheart with the lines he said when he walked Ha Na home: “Just go now. I felt like you are dissapearing in front of me. You are suddenly but sure dissapearing in front of me…” :cry:

Both Ha Na and Jin Hyeok had had a really bad day. It was of course physically and mentally tiring. But just in the right moment…a familiar face with a sun glasses (hallooo, it’s night time!) appeared.

We got to know Choi Eun Seo as a person with two personality. The sober one, she’s an elegant smart woman with full charisma…but the drunk one, you tell me. She’s just hilariously a mess.

Ha Na was then told to clean up Do Hoon’s private gallery. The witty painting of Do Hoon’s potrait, the masterpiece of Ha Na, hung in the place that used to be Do Hoon’s favourite painting. Han Do Hoon was receiving a phonecall from Joo Soo Young when she accidently found out there’s a safe box in the wall behind the painting.

She was almost caught by Do Hoon, but managed to alter his focus by asking him to eat lunch together. She’s giving him her resignation letter with the reason that his uncle in US was badly sick and needed her assisstance.

Meeting Na Jun Min, Ha Na got a a spying gadget from him. A necktie pin which was actually a spying camera. Ha Na actually hid it from Do Hoon, but that curious man found it and just took it. He said it’d be her first and last present for him, so even though that’s a fake diamond, he’d wore it anyway.

Ha Na was a secret agent on her own then. No more the NIA agents as her back up. The spying camera showed her some important information…one of them was the gun Do Hoon kept in the safe box.

The next morning Do Hoon acted very cold to Ha Na. Even by the time she’s saying goodbye, Do Hoon pretended to listen to a music player and ignore her. I think the best song in his ‘now playing’ list would be Blue feat Elton John “Sorry seems to be the hardest word”… of the lines was “…It sad so sad, it’s a sad sad situation…”  :mrgreen:

Ha Na had Jin Hyeok picked her up in front of the foundation. But Ha Na hesitated the step. And just in the right moment, Han Do Hoon was running after her. He got to her and saying: “Don’t Go.”

“Please don’t go Oh Ha Na…”

What the….! So Han Do Hoon had known Ha Na’s real name?? Since when? How? I bet everyone’s dying to find it out in the next episode….the final one!

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Secret Agent Miss Oh

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