Finally, Yoo Seung Ho Leaves Us to Military Camp

20130306-Yoo Seung Ho

He is the man, he proved his words. The 20 years old Yoo Seung Ho finally enlisted military service on March 5th in silent. There was no big ceremony, no journalist and no camera. He was accompanied by his family and the representative of his agency.

But for his fans, he spared the time before officially entered the camp to upload a farewell video on his fancafe “Talk To You”. He appears on video with military haircut, and said “I entered military on March 5th without telling you, through this video i’m greeting you all, i’ will return safely”.

The agency also made statement that the actor thought that everyone in military is equal, there’s no special treatment for celebrities or for him, so he decided entering the military quietly.

Okay, it means, there will be no more update of him from military???oooh..too bad, but i appreciate his will. So let him enjoys his military duty far from the spotlight. Goodbye and good luck, Yoo Seung Ho, please always be healthy and happy in the next two years… ;)

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