“Flower Boy Next Door” Cute Drama With Cute Actors and Actresses


TvN’s new drama, “Flower Boy Next Door” maybe my favorite drama of this season…too cute to be missed. This drama succeeds to be very comical. The way each character represents him/herself is so perfect. The introvert writer Go Dok Mi who stalks her neighbor across the window, the cool doctor Han Tae Joon. The comical cheerful the genius Enrique Geum, a Korean-Spanish game creator, who stayed with his old senior slash buddy Tae Joon and caught the stalker on the first morning. The awkward but very nice Japanese chef Watanabe Ryu. And of course, Dok Mi’s neighbor…the flat number 401 brothers, Oh Jin Rak the cool comic designer and his over confidence little brother Oh Dong Hoon. Situation around that shabby neighborhood is a bit tough as they have to arrange community meeting regularly, but that what brings all neighbors together…including the security ajeossi.

go dokmi

Park Shin Hye’s acting is no doubt, she’s my favorite. Go Dok Mi is a loner with complication personality. It’s related to her past, some time ago in her high school. One day as she sat alone in the park, she saw Han Tae Joon for the first time and straightly fell for him. Her admiration continue to an activity that closer to “stalking” as she found out that the man just lives in the next building (but already different complex). Han Tae Joon never knows that she always watches his every move through her yellow binoculars, from morning till night,,and even copying his routine. It was Enrique who caught her in the first morning he stays there.

enrique geum

I don’t how to describe the scene when Enrique caught Dok Mi stalking from across the window..it was very hilarious with hilarious “outfit”. Actually he didn’t wear “complete” outfit, just short and that iconic panda fur hat. It’s too cutely hilarious that I didn’t even pay any intention on Yoon Si Yoon’s muscled bod. :D

oh brothers

Every story needs brothers and this one has too. The Oh brothers… they are cool but cute guys every neighbor needs to have. :)


These cuts are from tonight’s episode 2. the title of this episode was “Please, could you just leave me alone?” That’s actually what Dok Mi always wanted from people. She needs to be alone. But Enrique was the only man who suddenly popped up in her life and very quickly break through her super-large-bubble space. That one point finger of Enrique on Dok Mi’s forehead was the deepest point.

But above all, so far my favorite scene was when Watanabe Ryu appeared for the first time. Dok Mi just woke up and brushing her teeth when she opened the curtain of her window as usual….when suddenly a man holding a box just stood outside her window! Imagining your room is on the 4th floor and when you opened the curtain of your window you found someone standing right outside…This could be creepy for another genre of drama, but for this drama, it’s so funny.

fav scene

In summary, I very highly recommend this drama for you ;)

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  1. so will you only do the review? i thought that you will also write a quick summary of this new drama.. :)

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