Yoon Si Yoon and Park Shin Hye Become Couple for New Cable Drama

For the new flower boy drama, the cable channel, tvN, has already chose the main couple. Confidently they will pair up Yoon Si Yoon with Park Shin Hye to act together on the new romantic light drama “Flower Boy Next Door”. Actually their names were the first names who popped up from the writer’s head, and thank goodness both actors have already confirmed to join this project.

Park Shin Hye will play as Go Dok Mi, the solitaire girl on the neighborhood and never leave her fortress, just like Rapunzel, but one day she see the pretty boy, Enrique (Yoon Si Yoon), while observing her neighborhood from her ‘tower’, and maybe it’s called the love at the first sight, in the short time Go Dok Mi get caught under his charm.

First time i knew this news, i was so happy and excited, because i think Yoon Si Yoon is will be really good has romantic line with Park Shin Hye, they will become the sweet and cute couple. The modern Rapunzel and her prince charming.

“Flower Boy Next Door” will ready for airing on January 7th.

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  1. Cannot wait! Love him! Like her a lot! Cable also means so serious romance!

  2. کاوه یوسف زاده

    How do you? Recently I have succeeded to provide a few other Korean series DVD and saw whole of them avidly!
    Then, I want to say my opinion about them in a nutshell. But before I start my comment about them, I want to notify that the mention series names were as following:
    1-you are beautiful
    3-my girl friend is gumiho(or my girl friend is the nine tailed fox
    4-alone in love
    5-loveing you (or I love you)
    6-chuno (slave hunters)
    7-snow flower
    8-spring comes
    Yes! I saw these eight entertaining Korean series lately!
    From these 8 series, I have selected 3 series as the better options. Although the five remainder series theme, story, acting,…are good, and they are entertaining, but I can not put them in my best selected series classification.
    Of course these five series themes,…are so better than from all of the series (including Iranian and foreign series) that show in Iran TV and cinema. But unfortunately their theme, music,…structures are lower than the other Korean romantic series that I had watched previously-that I hinted their names in my past emails several times.
    My expectation from Korean series is so more.
    The series that I haven’t selected as the best Korean series classifications are following:
    1-spring comes
    2-snow flower
    3-my girl friend is gumiho
    4-loveing you (I love you)
    5-alone in love
    Again, I say that even these 5 series quality are so better than all of Iran official broadcasting and cinema film and series from my viewpoint! All of them were entertaining. and I thanks from these series filmmakers, players,…!but they weren’t excellent relatively(in comparison with the so beautiful Korean series that I had alluded their names previously)
    1-their music quality were so lower than other Korean romantic series that I watched before.
    2-their themes were weaker relatively.
    3-they were boring in comparison with the so excellent series alike sad love story, hwang jin, heaven tree,soedang,…that I had hinted and commented about them in my past emails.
    Of course I satisfy from these 5 series actresses, actors playing. And I gratify them!
    Anyway, as these series cannot place in the best Korean romantic Korean series classification, then I pass from them.
    Only I suffice to this so key point:
    From my standpoint, one of the most reasons of Korean romantic series popularity is putted in their film erotic and amorous music and song and dance scenes! But none of these series music weren’t as good as other romantic series ones that I hinted their names previously.
    I wish these series music and songs had been so more erotic, amorously!
    I wish these series music and songs amounts had been so more as well!
    I hope these main key failures be removed from the future Korean romantic series afterwards!
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    1-chuno (slave hunters)
    2-you are beautiful
    I divide these series in two separated classification. I mean I separate the chuno series from the 2 other ones.
    The chuno series theme narrated one of the worst gloomy Korean history eras! And its theme wasn’t amorously whether in comparison with the two above-mentioned Korean series or the other so beautiful romantic, historic Korean series alike hwang jin and soedang series! Since, I usually select my favorite series from the romantic ones, whether they be historic or modern, then it may this factor decrease the chuno series popularity, regardless of its so good scenes, themes, acting,…!
    Just as, I didn’t select the jewel in palace series with so amazing playing of the Korean superstar madam lee young a,…! Why? Because it didn’t focus on love among their characters in erotic, amorous form! Although I have heard the jewel in palace series was welcomed in world a lot!
    But my classification for selecting of films,…is different from others. It may I revise on my taste a little in future. But In recent years I have given the main score to showing the love (erotic one) component in films, series arena. From my opinion a so good film and series must have a lot of erotic scenes, music, song, dance surely as well!
    Just as, the jewel in palace series theme, play,…was so good. But it didn’t include these key points. Then its position has degraded from my classification!
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    But return to our topic. As I said, chuno series theme isn’t a romantic alike other historic-romantic Korean series such as hwang jin and seodang. Then I cannot classify this series according to my clear and identified standards that based on romance, love elements mostly! And this matter can degrade this series quality among my other selected series.
    Chuno could be so better series, if its filmmaker,…inserted some of factors.
    This series was alike an action, historic series merely.
    Although one of its pivotal adventure was showing a triangular love among two men-that were belonged to the aristocrat class- with a women, that was belonged to the lowest social strata-I mean slave one- and this matter could promote the series popularity so much, but unfortunately the dear filmmaker,…couldn’t present an interesting series from this angle. Instead the series pivotal function was focused on action!
    In meanwhile, this series music and song didn’t attract me alike other Korean romantic-historic series such as hwang jin and seodang.
    And its music, songs wasn’t acceptable relatively. The erotic scenes, songs, music hadn’t been in the chuno series approximately. These factors have decreased this series popularity a lot from my standpoint!
    In meanwhile showing these triangular love scenes,… were so inanimate in comparison with other alike Korean series.
    Chuno or it had better to say slave hunters series narrated one of the worst Korean gloomy historic eras! The society that were governed by the so knavish, bastard, mean, cruel,…aristocrats in practice! And the slave strata were suffered a lot in those so dark circumstances!
    Chuno narrated a society that all of its social layers oppressed and committed treason one another! Especially these matters were pronounced in the royal court considerably!
    In those circumstances, the only winners were the so flatterer, imitator, impostor, knavish, cruel, hypocrite, traitor, conscienceless, thug groups of people! Instead, the positive noble persons were merged to the rebel or slave or hunter of slaves,… strata in practice!
    This series show the real essence of aristocracy systems barely!
    A so mean, detestable system that can metamorphose the noble persons to hunter of slaves, traitors, slaves,… as well! Chuno adventure can generalize to any society and any historical era, even in our contemporary world in different forms!
    Chuno so terrible adventure can be as our gazingstock. Because it learn us about the so terrible consequences of aristocratic systems on societies culture, morality, justice, humanity,…infrastructure! Especially this matter can be so more pronounced in less-developed countries in our times!
    And it teaches us that for governing a country, aristocracy is the worst option!
    Again I point out that this series could be so better from any aspects! Especially I focus on its love and music and song scenes, themes! The chuno was so weak from these angles relatively (in comparison with other Korean romantic series).that is why I cannot give the amazing score to this series.
    But anyway, I hereby thanks from this series filmmaker, players,…! The chuno series theme is new. And this matter is so good. It accustoms us with one of the Korean gloomy eras! And it can learn us about an especial kind of countries governing method, named aristocracy and its so terrible consequences on the popular masses and even the royal, aristocrat family structure!
    Altogether chuno wasn’t a good romantic series in comparison with the historic series alike hwang jin and seodang! Its theme had tended to action and semidocumentary ones more! And from my standpoints, these qualifications impaired its popularity a lot relatively!

    Now, talk about other series. I mean you are beautiful series with acting my dearest park shin hye, Korean super star, and other so lovely Korean actresses and actors including Jung Yong Hwa ، Jang Geun Suk,…!
    Madam park shin hye in one of her interviews said that the character of gu mi nam(or nun jemma)-the series pivotal actress and protagonist –cover 80 percent of her real personality in her private living !it seems you are beautiful series is the madam park shin hye best series from her opinion! Because it apparently reflect madam park shin hye personality in real live (from her standpoint)!
    In meanwhile, I deem necessary that congratulate the two superstar Korean engagement, I mean my so dear maam park shin hye and other Korean actor, namely Mr jang geun suk with the whole heart! I envy to Mr jang geun suk a lot! Because I have wished to marry with the so pretty girls alike madam park shin hye! Congratulation!
    This series could be so better too. If the erotic and romantic scenes and songs and music became so more touching, the series quality recovered considerably. The amount of the series music wasn’t considerable! It had better this series was imbued to the erotic, lovely scenes, dances, song, music, as if we had seen a so beautiful musical series! If these components were taken into consideration in this series (and whole of Korean romantic series), it (and the other Korean ones) quality improved so amazingly and incredibly! And this series (and other series) worth were excellent!
    I liked that you are beautiful series themes,…were tended to more romantic scenes,…! The satiric and semi-comic of scenes amount were too many. But the touching love scenes, songs, music among these series personages were few! Yes! I expected this series structure inclined to love adventures so more in the exaggerated and impressive form! it had better the film-maker embraced some of the heart rending love scenes, talks, songs, music,… in this series too! And instead, lessen its satiric, comic scenes! These recommendations generalize to all of series too.
    The play of actresses and actors were so good and nice! It necessitate I especially gratify from the so good play of madam park shin hye, Jang Geun Suk ,Jung Yong Hwa ,Hong Sung Chang
    ،Lee Hong Ki in this series!
    You are beautiful series is a so entertaining series. And it could become so more better too, on condition that my above mentioned recommendation was considered as well!
    Anyway, I wish to be familiar with my favorite Korean artist real personality, especially madam park shin hye that I love and like her a lot!
    And you are beautiful series familiarized me with her real personality somewhat! And this matter is so important for me! Then I am so happy that I have seen this series! Afterward, I personally expect the Korean artists, including my so dear madam park shin hye arrange an interview about these kinds of matters surely!
    The other series that is as one of my selections is heartstrings series!
    This series was a so entertaining and interesting series too. My criticism about this series is alike my above mentioned recommendation completely. Then I don’t repeat them again.
    The plays of artists were so pretty. Especially the play of Jung Yong Hwa as Lee Shin
    And Park Shin Hye as Lee Kyu Won are so amazingly! By the way, how much reflect this series my dear park shin hye real personality? Apparently, madam park shin hye haven’t said about this matter so far! It may her play in this series don’t relate her real personality at all too. Any way madam park shin hye and her love partner Mr jung yung hwa acting was so good! Other actresses and actors fulfilled their roles in the best form too! I eagerly watched all of this series episodes too!
    It May I watch my favorite romantic Korean series, hereby you are beautiful and heartstrings for many times in my longevity! Because I love these kinds of series so much! And if these series filmmakers considered my above recommendations, I would have welcomed them incredibly! By the way, my dear park shin hye had a so short role (in bus) in gumiho(my girl friend is 9 tailed fox)too. I have added this matter that if you pursue all of madam park shin plays, see that scenes too. Although that scenes lasted 2 to 3 minute merely!
    I hope I can provide a lot of so romantic, amorously Korean,…romantic series in my longevity and I watch them eagerly!
    If I want to classify these 3 series among my best selected series, I want to assert that their rankings are as following:
    1-A-sad love story ,B-huwang jin,C-Soedang respectively
    2-stairway to heaven and heaven tree
    3-bad love, beautiful days, terms of endearment, scent of summer, autumn in my heart, winter queen ,winter of sonata(winter of love) and a love to kill and spring waltz and you are beautiful and heartstrings . The third classification isn’t correct exactly. it necessitate I watch all of these series again exactly.
    4–the jewel in palace
    5-chuno(slave hunters)
    5-sacred love
    6- Is it snow in Christmas?

    I have omitted one of my other past selected series from my classification too, namely hello god. Because it didn’t cover my predetermined standards.
    Chuno ranking isn’t alike the series such as seodang,…!because chuno structure and theme,…didn’t conform with my favorite criteria and standards(that I said about them many times).it may other viewer ranking differ from me, because their expectations and standards may have angle with me.
    In meanwhile, I want to add that it may I revise on my above-mentioned classification a little in future. Especially I will part the series that are putted in the third classification. Because all of them aren’t alike one another completely from my identified standards! Perhaps, it necessitate they put in different classifications!
    I hope that I can continue my comments on Korean series in future! Then please wait for my later interpretations in future! I hope I can watch limitless romantic and amorously Korean,…series and films,…!and I write my various comments on them based on my personal tastes forever!
    Thanks for reading my new comment!
    Kind regards
    Kaveh yousefzadeh

  3. kaveh yousefzadeh

    i love my so dera park shin hye,…everlasting!i wish i could see her directly and in her home manytimes!i never forget her!

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