From SBS 2010 Drama Awards

Our first female president, Go Hyeon Jeong, got the highest award in the SBS 2010 Drama Awards, Daesang Award. Her acting in “Daemul” was so remarkable. I’m used to look her role as a fighter woman and I liked it, so girl power. She deserved the award indeed.

In addition to Go Hyeon Jeong, Kwon Sang Woo also managed to get the Top Excellence Actor (shared with Hyun Bin). In his speech, Kwon Sang Woo didn’t forget to say thanks to his son … Hohoho such a great dad! :)
And Hyun Bin said he was grateful to play in Secret Garden and got a very interesting role before he entered the (late) military service … ouch T_T .. I’m so sad to be reminded about his duty. That means he’s counting the days before entering military service.

Besides Daemul and Secret Garden, Giant and My Girlfriend is Gumiho also gained quite a lot awarded.
These the winners:
Daesang Award : Go Hyeon Jeong (Daemul)
Top Excellence Actor : Hyun Bin (Secret Garden), Kwon Sang Woo (Daemul)
Top Excellence Actress: Ha Ji Won (Secret Garden)
Top Excellence Supporting Actor : Lee Jae Yong (Daemul )
Top Excellence Supporting Actress: Lee Soo Kyeong (Daemul)
Top Excellence Drama Award : Giant
Best Couples: Hyun Bin-Ha Ji Won (Secret Garden), Lee Seung Gi-Shin Min Ah (My Girlfriend is Gumiho), and Joo Sang Wook-Hwang Jung Eum (Giant)
Top 10 star: Lee Beom Soo, Shin Min Ah, Kwon Sang Woo, Hyun Bin, Ha Ji Won, Kim So Yeon, Jang Bo Seok, Go Hyeon Jeong, and Lee Seung Gi.
Top Popularity Drama: Secret Garden
Top Popularity Actor/Actress: Hyun Bin-Ha Ji Won

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