“Gentleman’s Dignity” Best Prologues

The most anticipated scene in SBS Drama “Gentleman’s Dignity” episodes is definitely the prologue. Every episode, they always have the first 2-3  minutes for prologue, telling short flashback or insight of the brotherhood and as well as manhood. I guess all of us who’ve been following this drama have our own favorite among the prologues. And yesterday, Naver posted five best prologues so far (Gentleman’s Dignity last week broadcast episode 17-18).

#1. Episode 4 prologue: “High School Memories.” It was very hilarious watching those middle-age men in high school uniforms. Kim Soo Ro’s hairstyle was the worst. Couldn’t stop laughing about it. It’s a kind of parody for Jang Dong Gun’s famous movie in 2001 “Friend.” It’s definitely parodying “Friend” when the teacher, after interrogating the quartet who gave the idea of watching adult movie and the three were back-stabbing Jeong Nok, asked Kim Do Jin (Jang Dong Dun): “Why you look familiar? Is your father from Busan?” and Do Jin just flatly said, “No, I’m a native Seoul citizen.”

#2. Episode 6 prologue: “Billiard Championship.” The quartet said that billiard is the gentleman’s game. The most interesting thing about this prologue was the background song: a Mandarin song by Leslie Cheung. Kim Do Jin-Lee Jong Nok team lost the game from Im Tae San- Choi Yoon team. I like the narration at the end: “Now we have more than enough money to open a billiard center, yet we’re still curse each other and fought for even only a cue. Why? Because adolescents don’t mean mature. They’re just getting old.” And Kim Do Jin left still wearing a slipper while his shoes were still in the billiard center.

#3. Episode 11 prologue: “Basketball game at camping site.” The quartet forgot that they time had over. They boasted about how good they had been as basketball players…while they forgot one important factor: youth. They went camping but all of them just brought luxurious drinks, none brought any food. So in order to get food, they’re daring a group of young men with plenty of food to trade. They thought they could win, but at the end, they’re a total loser.

#4. Episode 14 prologue: “The cellphone and glasses conference.” Tae San, Yoon and Do Jin were crying over a sad-ending drama on TV while Jong Nok was late for it. But he brought the earliest cell-phone in Korea ever! (he comes from a wealthy family). And the three were so excited about it. Then they were joking the “what if” imaginations of what we know now as current tech. Like what if the cell-phone became lighter and smaller, then without buttons and finger touch for zoom in and out. What if through a single cell phone one could listen to music, watch movies, and so on. What if a PC could be as thin as a book and people would call it “notebook”. That time they were like “eeeeeeiiiggghhhs” (expression of: “bloody no way”). At the end of the prologue they imagined they had a conference of four dressed like Steve Jobs and talked about visions.

#5. Episode 16 prologue. “Yoon’s wife funeral.” Different from other four prologues which are comical, this one is a serious and sad one. We all know that Yoon character is a widower for his wife had died but he still put on his wedding ring until episode 18. So this prologue tells about the day Yoon’s wife died. The other three friends were in the middle of their own business when they received the message. They just left for Yoon immediately. The devastated Yoon couldn’t do much during the funeral and his brothers knew it. They were the ones who took care of the funeral, even taking Yoon’s place to receive condolence from the guests.

That’s Naver version of best 5 “Gentleman’s Dignity” prologue. But I want to add one more, my favorite one before the “Cell phone” prologue. It’s Episode 5 prologue, “SNSD.” The men were arguing about who’s the best among SNSD members. Do Jin’s favorite was Tae Yeon (best voice), Tae San was Yoori (sexy and plays on drama), and Jeong Nok was Tiffany (best smile), while Yoon acted like the grown up one saying that they should better care more about the country than a girl group. But suddenly Soo Young of SNSD showed up in the cafe and surprisingly Yoon was the fastest to approach her. He was excitedly asking for her autograph and even surprisingly sing and dance a line of “Gee” and “Shoot”.


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  1. Due to London 2012 Olympic there will not be “Gentleman’s Dignity” this week

  2. I want to know the title of leslie cheung song in episode 6

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