“Ghost” Revealed The Leading Characters’ Pictures

On May 5th, SBS new drama, “Ghost”, showed the charismatic two lead characters, they filming on rooftop of a building, because the scene is related to a helicopter.

From the blue nuance of these pictures i can guess that this drama is pretty serious. So Ji Sub and Lee Yeon Hee appeared so charismatic and bold here, since on this drama they both portray special unit cyber crime investigation agent.

So Ji Sub , as always, looked cool with his semi-neat suit. He will play as Kim Woo Hyun, the genius and very dedicated police officer.  His father  is the important person on police unit and has the power to influence government, i don’t know whether  it’s become Woo Hyun’s burden or benefits.

Meanwhile, even with her innocent face Lee Yeon Hee also looked so cool with her casual appearance, i love her outfit. She becomes the femme fatale here, the staff gave her nickname as Goddess of Sun. As i know she always performs as the sweet and nice girl in her dramas or movies, sometimes she had to resemble the weak female, but this time she looks so dazzling and bright with her new role, as the brave heroine. This is a challenge for her.

Lee Yeon Hee plays as Woo Hyun’s partner, Yoo Kang Mi. She has hard duties, not only has to face with difficult cases, but also with the cold and stiff partner.

“Ghost” will follow up “Rooftop Prince” and start airing on late May.

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