So Ji Sub’s Comeback on “Ghost”?

Hail for 2012! This year so many actors and actresses I love are coming back on small screen.  Recently there’s a rumor that So Ji Sub got an offer from SBS’s new drama, “Ghost”.

For about two years he’s just been busy on movie (Only You) and some photoshoots for pictorials (published essay photo books) and ads.  Frankly, I didn’t put any special attention for his latest drama which he acted alongside Kim Ha Neul “Road No.1” (2010) since it was war drama, and too gloomy for me. So I’m really longing for his comeback this year.

“Ghost” come from “Sign” director and writer, and they still on thriller investigation theme. “Ghost” tells about cyber crime investigation. Woohoo…so, our hot guy will appear as detective investigation here??? Oh please make it real!!!

This drama is planned to follow up “Rooftop Prince” on May.

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