Go Soo Is Waiting For The Baby

Finally there’s a good news from Go Soo’s marriage life. It’s reported that his wife, Kim Hye Yeon is pregnant. Go Soo’s agency, BH Entertainment confirmed that news. The representative said that Go Soo’s wife has been pregnant for three months. And Go Soo is really excited and happy since he soon becomes a father.

This couple met on 2008 through their friend, then Go Soo married his eleven years younger girlfriend on February 2012. Before married Go Soo never showed up his girlfriend to the public. She was known just as the mysterious Miss Kim. Go Soo didn’t want to reveal thier relationship to the public, since Kim Hye Yeon just an ordinary student in university.

Recently, besides having to give more attention for his wife, Go Soo is also busy preparing for his up-coming movie, “Bandage” alongside Han Hyo Joo, Ma Dong Seok, Kim Sung Oh, and Juni. This romantic movie is planned to be released this late year.

Congratulation for the parents, Go Soo and wife!

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  1. congratulation GO Soo !!! ^_^

  2. happy birthday Go Soo ! =)

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