Gong Hyo Jin-Ha Jung Woo’s Movie “Love Fiction” Relesed Posters

New romantic comedy movie “Love Fiction” released their peculiar posters. On these posters Gong Hyo Jin shows her swanky face (oh i always love when she shows that cocky face, so girl power) to intimidate Ha Jung Woo.  And Ha Jung Woo as love fighter looks so miserable begging for Gong Hyo Jin’s love.

Even on the single poster, there’s a tagline for each. On Gong Hyo Jin’s side wrote “Ha Jung Woo, you’re supposed to depend on me and begged me to go out with you, are you crazy?, and Ha Jung Woo also barking her real name “Gong Hyo Jin, I’m crazy because proposing you!”  :lol: It seems they are strike out personally.


“Love Fiction” is also called as Bridget Jones’s male version,  tells about 31-years-old guy  Joo Wol (Ha Jung Woo) to find his love, a novelist,  a very sensitive man.  He’s been looking for the perfect woman to be dating. Then finally he meet  a very cool-confident woman, Hee Jin (Gong Hyo Jin) who’s unconcern about love, to fight for.

Frankly I’m really curious about Ha Jung Woo’s comical acting on this movie, because as i know he plays on mostly serious genre movie, thriller, action, and drama. He rarely plays on comedy movie like this. And as always, i love Gong Hyo Jin’s quirky style, with the shocking red lipstick she wants show her authority while Ha Jung Woo looks lousy, as if she wants to say to us ‘Who’s the Boss’, and after all, they both are great actors so this movie worth watching. “Love Fiction”  will be released on February 29th.

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