Ha Jung Woo and Gong Hyo Jin, Now for “Project 577”

Once again, Ha Jung Woo and Gong Hyo Jin will team up for new traveling movie “Project 577”. This movie planned to be released on August 3oth.

Actually “Project 577” is a documentary of Ha Jung Woo’s walking trip from Seoul to Haenam,  577 km within 20 days. This journey was held in a mission of fulfilling Ha Jung Woo’s promise. He said on his speech when he received the award from The 46th Beaksang Award through his movie “Take Off”, he promised to walk cross country if he won best actor again. Apparently, he did win again as best actor in 2011 for his acting on “Yellow Sea”.

So, to keep his words as the real gentleman, Ha Jung Woo ran that mission, but he wasn’t alone for this exhausting journey. He managed to ask other 16 actors and actresses to walked along with him and of course to spare the burden during the mission, including his best friend and  co-worker from “Love Fiction” Gong Hyo Jin.

teaser: Project 577

“Project 577” will be focused on the comical and emotional moments between Ha Jung Woo and Gong Hyo Jin during the travel, maybe when they enjoyed the walk and poured the baby powder on their sore feet :lol: in this without script-movie, actually they didn’t do any acting. They just acted as human being, so natural…and now i know why Ha Ji Won really adores this guy… :o

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