Gong Yoo in Portugal for Harper’s Bazaar

These photos are not really my favorite, but because this is Gong Yoo ,I feel obliged to post his photos in our site. For this photo shoot, in his tight schedule, recently Gong Yoo flew to Portugal.

But first time I saw these photos, I wonder, they flew away to Portugal but I  can’t see clearly his face on these photos?? Not even a single photo?! Too bad for me. Gong Yoo looks enjoying the exotic scenery of Portugal. This pictorial will appear on Harper’s Bazaar for October issue.

His movie, “Crucible” , that based on true story novel “Melting Pot” (Gong Ji Yeong), officially released today (September 22nd). First time he read this novel while he was in the army, he was very touched with the story. He then decided that if this novel will be brought on to the big screen, he would absolutely join on that project. So glad for him, after he discharged from army, his agency offered this heartbreaking movie.


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  1. Boy, he is tall, long legs…

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