Review from The 32nd Blue Dragon Award

The 32nd Blue Dragon Award was held on November 25th at Hall of Peace, Kyunghee University, Seoul. 22 Movies compete that night to grab the best places, they were: “The Unjust”, “Bow The Ultimate Weapon”, “Crucible”, “The Front Line”, “Bleak Night” and more.

So many actors came to that event. On the red carpet, Gong Yoo was walking alongside with his co-workers, the girls from “Crucible”. Beside them, there’s also TOP, Kim Ha Neul and more. The 32nd Blue Dragon Award is one of the most prestigious awards for actors and  the film makers in Korea. The winners were chosen by professionals on movie industry.

The Red Carpet

TOP, looked dashing but i hate the hair colour.

The Crucible, Gong Yoo with his ‘students’.

Lee Min Ho… absolutely this was not his best outfit!  :?

Go Soo (The Front Line), looked so happy, oh yeah…his movie got so many nominations that night.

Yoon Kye Sang, actualy I’m used to seeing him with glasses. He looked different that night…

Choi Kang Hee (Petty Romance) became a fairy tale with that gown and wand. Maybe she borrowed the wand from The Crucible’s girls

Moon Chae Won (Bow: The Ultimate Weapon) looked so sweet and tender, i love her white gown.

Tang Wei (Late Autumn), with pale green dress she looked prettier. Tang Wei has been very active in Korea lately, don’t you think? ;)

Min Hyo Rin (Sunny). She  always chose the right dress, looked sexy with backless.

Nam Gyu Ri, as always, looked like a doll.

Lee Min Jung with bright red, looked so fresh and gave us something different that night.

Kim Ha Neul, actually i don’t like the colour, so pale, gloomy, and blue. But, she’s Kim Ha Neul, so it’s okay.

Jung Ryeong Won showed her pretty legs and I want her shoes. :p

Park Bo Yeong looked innocent with that mini dress.

Han Chae Yeong, absolutely she was the goddess!


The Winners

Best Movie: “The Unjust”
Best Director : Ryu Seung Wan (“The Unjust”)

Best Screenplay:Park Hoon Jung (“The Unjust”)
Best New Director :Yoon Sung Hyun (“Bleak Night”)

Best Actor: Park Hae Il (“Bow: The Ultimate Weapon” or “War of The Arrows”)
Best Actress: Kim Haneul (“Blind”)

Best Supporting Actor: Ryu Seung Ryong (“The Front Line”)
Best Supporting Actress: Kim Soo Mi (“Late Blossom”)

Best New Actor: Lee Je Hoon (“Bleak Night”)
Best New Actress: Moon Chae Won (“Bow: The Ultimate Weapon” or “War of The Arrows”)

Popularity Awards:

1. Gong Yoo (“Crucible” or “Silenced”)

2. Go Soo (“The Front Line”)

3. Choi Kang Hee (“Petty Romance”)

4. Kim Hye Soo (“Villain and Widow”)

Congratulation for the winners!!! ;)

[by Blossom]

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