Gong Yoo, Is He Big Enough?

Oh my dear God, oh Mom, oh Rizz…i can’t handle this, so hot in here. My heart beat get faster and hard to breath, and I will not be able to sleep before I post this pictures, seriously…how could this guy looks so..aaaah..his shape…speechless.

Actually there were two things that i hate from these picture, the smoke and the tattoo, but i was sure not because of the smoke i wrote this, it was because of his fake tattoo which was tickling me… “I’m big enough”, yes my i bet you are BIG…your muscle i mean.. :mrgreen: maybe those words refer to his new drama “Big“.

These teaser pictures came from twitter account of   Hong Jang Hyun, the photographer, he published these on April 25th. The pictures are  for Monster’s pictorial, the Japanese magazine. Besides being so generous, because shared these pictures with us, Hong is also known as the genius photographer. He’s always able to catch the spirit from each of his object, including Gong Yoo, Even thoug it’s just black-white and simple poses, these pics look so passionate…yeah..hail for the photographer and the gorgeous object…

[info and images source]

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