Gong Yoo Is Too Busy in Japan and It’s Disappointing

After completing his military service, there’s only few news about Gong Yoo. The latest news was about his work “Looking For Kim Jong Wook” and that’s it. For me it’s too quiet … even sometimes I think he still in the military service. I want him to get back to the small screen soon. X|

The last few weeks Gong Yoo were busy promoting “Coffee Prince” in Japan. He will be busy in Japan until the end of this year. On December 5, he will hold a concert “Love Song For You” in Yokohama…Omo…now he’s a singer? :?
I like his voice when he sings in “Coffee Prince”…really… but I thought it’d be nice if only for personal consumption. I want to adore him as an actor that good on singing, not the actor who became a singer. Actually I wanted him to focus on acting and just singing for me only…wkwkwkwkwk…  :mrgreen:

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