Gong Yoo Sings “Because It’s You” for Special Track on “Big” Soundtrack

Gong Yoo’s voice for “Big” soundtrack is one of few good things for me lately. It was too bad that I missed “Big” Episode 15 just because i had a cruel and terrible Monday..ah…I can’t curse Monday, what a love-hate relationship with Mmonday. whatever..

Thank goodness, my agonies has cured by Gong Yoo’s voice on “Big” soundtrack. He sings male version of “Because It’s You”. Can’t  get bored listening to his voice in this song, so pure, and tender. I like DaVichi version, sounds mellow,  but i chose Gong Yoo’s version into my playlist, with his voice this song sounds more touching and emotional.

Frankly, eventhough this song quite sad, i’m smiling every time listening this song and recalling on my favorite scene from “Coffee Prince” (2007) when Choi Han Gyeol (Gong Yoo) made a wake-up calling for Go Eun Chan (Yoon Eun Hye), he was singing Han Dong Jung’s “I love You” , oh Gong Yoo-ssi, how could we are not fall in love  for you.

I got read Rizz’s summary, episode 15 wasn’t a good enough situation for Kang Kyeong Joon and Gil Da Ran, but i hope for one more episode there will be miracles for them, including Seo Yoon Jae and Jang Ma Ri. As I know Hong’s sisters aren’t the type of ‘mean’ writers, instead they are usually really generous to the viewers.



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