More of Gong Yoo’s Warm Side Revealed on “Big”

Today (July16th) More stills of Gong Yoo from “Big” location are released. My first reaction when i saw these pics just….aaaaaah…*a long sigh.. oh God, how could You created the guy as almost perfect as him? And all day long i’m doing nothing but just smiling thinking of him, like a lunatic girl.

Not only bringing laughter on the set with his sense of humor, but through these pics,  how he treated  the children so kindly and tenderly, i can see that he has got a warm personality.

Gong Yoo spent the break playing along  Seo Yeon Jae’s patients, the rabbit (Seo Yeon Woo) and the pooh (Choi Ro Un), oh seriously, I’m jealous of the little girl who was  hanging on  Gong Yoo’s thighs…he’s miiiiiiineeeeee!!!!!! X|


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  1. this is simply adorable!he’s a real guy who melts girls’ hearts with his talent….

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