Goo Hye Seon Becomes A Pilot on Her New Drama

Her drama “The Musical” hasn’t ended yet, but Goo Hye Seon has been ready for the next drama project “Take Care of Us, Captain”. On November 17th they held the first shooting for her role as Han Da Jin, a US graduate pilot.Fiuuuh…i wonder where her energy comes from? She looks like never get tired, a tiny girl with big ambitions… but i love her passion.

On the scenes, she’s wearing the uniform for her graduation as  a pilot. The filming took place at Yangpyeong English Village and need 100 caucasian to create San Fransisco atmosphere.On “Take Care of Us, Captain” Goo Hye Seon will play alongside with Ji Jin Hee. Ji Jin Hee will play as her senior. So, maybe this drama will not be too different from Takuya Kimura’s drama “Good Luck”.

“Take Care of Us, Captain” will also be  featuring Yoo Seon, Lee Chun Hee, Honey Lee, Seo Seung Hyeon, and Sean Richard. This drama will be replacing “Tree With Deep Roots” on SBS, starts January 4th.

Actually, seeing the graduation certificate makes me giggles, especially the name of the academy president  “I.M Loopey” , sounds so silly and like one of  Lord of The Ring’s character or maybe one of oompa loompa people from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, but thankfully, it’s not “i’m LOONEY”. and looks how do they write “sanfransisco”! I know it’s just drama but it would be a more convincing story if they’re more serious and not make that little mistake.

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