“Take Care of Us, Captain” Shows The Main Characters Together

On December 13th, after completing filming in Australia, the lead actors of SBS new drama “Take Care of Us, Captain”, Ji Jin Hee and Goo Hye Seon, appeared together on the set, a studio which transformed into a plane and  they also wear the pilot uniform. They talked about their involvement in this drama.

Besides for the story line, both Goo Hye Seon and Ji Jin Hee decided to accept the offer to act in this drama because of the director. The director, Joo Dong Min, is very enthusiastic for this aviation drama. It was showed when he came personally to offer this drama to Goo Hye Seon who was at Taiwan for shooting her drama around July-Agustus.

Ji Jin Hee, as always, appears as a gentleman, precisely as Kim Yoon Seong, a charismatic and perfectionist pilot, and will accompanied by Han Da Jin (Goo Hye Seon) as his co-pilot. This drama will be replacing “Three With Deep Rooted” and will be airing the first episode on January 4th.

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